New York Comic-Con sales up 190% over last year

New York Comic-Con sales up 190% over last year


How exited is the audience for this year’s New York Comic Con?

Very excited.

Ticket sales are already way ahead of last year’s pace, says show runner Lance Fensterman, global group v-p at ReedPOP, which produces pop culture festivals around the world. “Sales are pacing about 190% ahead of last year,” he told PW. “All four-day and three-day passes are already sold, and so is about 70% of our retail inventory.” He expects all the tickets to be sold out before the show—walkup sales will not be possible. “I already know what attendance is going to be, given the space, about 100,000 to 110,000.”

My NYCC preview for Publishers Weekly also gives a metric for the expansion of comic cons over the last five years: according to John Cunningham, DC’s vp of marketing, attendance has doubled at the shows DC attends. That’s not counting San Diego, obviously, which is static. But everywhere else, comic cons are go go go.

Much more in the link, but the bottom line is that everything except Friday is already sold out, and that is almost certain to be sold out by show time; with no onsite press or pro registration, just like San Diego, you gotta learn to PLAN AHEAD.


  1. Torsten Adair says

    I was just perusing the maps over at the website… Every inch except for the fourth floor is utilized.

    By the way… my con badge arrived this afternoon at work! Nine days to go!

  2. Zach says

    Jesus, I love NYCC but it’s gotten so crowded the past couple of years. I’m kinda worried about safety and personal space.

  3. abc says

    oh yeah, it can become a mosh pit of epic proportions at times. especially around the vendor’s area and where the companies like marvel, dc, etc., set up their booths. i usually hang out in artist alley, which at times can become crowded, but for the most part (at least for the last couple of years) the crowds haven’t been too bad there. we’ll see how it goes this year, hopefully the folks that run nycc have got their shit together when it comes to security and crowd control.

  4. The Beat says

    Artist Alley is moved to the North Hall this year, so it will really be a separate thing.

  5. Torsten Adair says

    BIG booths: Marvel, Lego, DC, Chevy.

    Thankfully, that’s it. Lots of other sizeable booths. Recommendation: avoid 3B. Enter at 3A or 3E (separated by construction), then use the back aisles for traffic.

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