LOST: It’s Just a Jump to the Left

Is this thing on?

Who’s alive? Who’s dead? Who might be dead? Who’s dead but still appeared in tonight’s episode?

Let’s get to it.

SPOILERS, of course…

— Who expected the Penny/Desmond reunion in season Four? Not me. As someone said tonight, “I had that pegged for the last episode of the show.” And does this mean that one or both of them will not last long into Season Five’s run?

— Is there an impending heel turn coming for Sun? Who is going to feel her wrath? Ben? Jack?

— Was Charlotte born on the island? Was she a Dharma kid? Does she have four toes?

— What happened to Faraday? Did he make it to the island before it disappeared?

— Who thinks Jin is actually dead? Well, besides, Sun of course.

— Christian Shepherd, the next host of The Weakest Link. “The island is done with you, goodbye.”

— Between Sawyer’s imitation of Honey Ryder and the plentiful cleavage shots of Kate and Juliet, there was plenty of eye candy on display tonight.

— Will we see flash-forwards featuring Frank in the future?

— At the rate he is growing, Walt will be in a first round NBA draft pick by the time he turns 18.

— The Sayid/Keamy fight will probably be better than the Kimbo Slice tilt Saturday night on CBS.

— Now we know how they got to that island to be rescued. And people say they don’t answer any questions.

— Speaking of which, the people that survived the crash, but died later were Boone, Libby and Charlie.

— Now that Charlie is a dead rock star, will sales of Drive Shaft skyrocket?

— Just when you have some sympathy for Ben, he shows you what his true colors really are.

— What other kind of Dharma alcohol is there?

— Who else expected the numbers to have something to do with the Orchid Station?


posted by Mark Coale


  1. Joe Lawler says

    Didn’t someone tell Charlie last season that Drive Shaft sales had skyrocketed? I could have sworn that happened. Or maybe he just talked about them skyrocketing once he was eventually rescued from the island.

  2. says

    If everyone has to go back to the Island…does that mean Desmond too? He spent more time there than any of them. Though it was great to see him reunite with Penny, I also wasn’t expecting it this soon. I’m glad they’re acknowledging that Walt is growing; Hurley mentioned it last night and before that he was “Taller Ghost Walt.” When the episode opened on the seconds after the 3rd season finale I was shocked. And I really didn’t expect John to be in the coffin. Not only did they answer how they got rescued, but we saw the last seconds Ben was on the island. Everything down in the Orchid was great between Ben’s coldness to “time-travelling bunnies” and “you know he said not to put metal in there.”

  3. says

    Oh, and it was Naomi who told Charlie sales were going up. And the new record, which he’s told is a greatest hits. So then he writes his own Greatest Hit’s list and tries to give it to Claire before he goes off to die in …the Tempest?

  4. says

    I’m still really tired just from watching it. It was exhausting there was so much stuff I was tumbling all over the living room freaking the hell out.

    “Checkmate Mr. Eko.” is my new favorite line of the entire show.

    Keamy vs. Sayid was amazing. Its awesome that Sayid is the shows biggest badass.

    John is becoming Obi-Wan/Morpheus/Buddha. He is obviously not Jacob, but thinking about it, that makes sense. He is consummately the man of faith, the purely spiritual figure, and I think he might be a Bodhisatva. He is the guide, and the one through which all others are redeemed. Jacob I think will have to be a man of both faith and science. That could have been Ben, but now I’s thinking wee Jack. The fact that Locke shook Ben’s hand I think is awesome.

    Ben makes this show. Even after knowing that he triggered the explosion I still felt bad for him when we was pushing that wheel.

    What the hell IS the wheel, and why does it turn a on a sun?

  5. Mark Coale says

    Saw a great idea a few minutes ago: Widmore cannot go back to the island because he also moved it once.

  6. Rich Stahnke says

    I was perturbed small details like Sawyer being able to swim back to the island before a helicopter could fly back there. If Juliet and Sawyer could see the ship (and smoke plume) off the coast, why couldn’t they see and/or hear the helicopter coming back? Faraday and his boat of unknown survivors all tunr and look behind them when the island starts glowing, indicating that they were still heading away from it. Why couldn’t they see the explosion and smoke plume and turn back around to the island? If they had turned around, how did Sawyer beat them back as well?

    Overall though, a great night of television. Ben has the best dialogue by far of all the characters.

  7. says

    Sawyer jumped out of the helicopter before it made it back to the freighter, got patched, refueled, and took off again.

  8. SvenMascarenhas says

    What the hell does “Lost” have to do with comics? Why is this here?

  9. Ed says

    If the “Oceanic 6” lied to keep the other survivors safe… then why is Walt living with his grandmother?? Wasn’t he on the passenger list of Flight 815?

  10. Mark Coale says

    How could they explain they were all on a raft in “the South Pacific” and Walt is back in NY living with Grandma? One assumes he has a new name, like his dad (Kevin Johnson), that was set up by Ben.

  11. Rich Stahnke says

    Bill, I know Sawyer jumped out while on the flight out to the freighter, but they were quite a distance from the island when he bailed out. He should have been swimming for quite a while. When Faraday returned to the island to get the next batch of survivors, the freighter was shown off shore. It was visible. Even if it was 10 miles away, a helicopter could cover that distance in minutes.

  12. says

    To Rich:
    Don’t forget that there is some sort of time anomaly when travelling to and from the island. Remember Faraday’s rocket experiment in which it took longer for the rocket to arrive than it should have? And vice-versa for the doctor’s corpse. If the island is surrounded by a “bubble” or some sort of “zone”, it could easily be feasible that Sawyer jumped off on the “island” side of the the “bubble” and not the “boat” side of it. Who knows which side of the “bubble” Faraday’s raft was on too.

    Just because they can see the boat from the island, doesn’t mean they are looking at it in “real time”.

  13. Rich Stahnke says

    Good points Christopher, and a likely explanation given that they had a hard time even spotting the rather large freighter when flying out to it. The one kink to that possible explanation is that the freighter had been “stuck” in one location when those anomolies were happening and has since been moved closer to the island.
    Of course, with this show, anything is possible. Maybe Sawyer rode in to the island on the back of a swimming polar bear.

  14. Joe Lawler says

    “What the hell does “Lost” have to do with comics? Why is this here? ”

    Well, it’s Heidi’s blog. There’s also this: http://www.lostpedia.com/wiki/Mystery_Tales_No._40

    “How could they explain they were all on a raft in “the South Pacific” and Walt is back in NY living with Grandma? One assumes he has a new name, like his dad (Kevin Johnson), that was set up by Ben. ”

    Didn’t Jack say at the press conference that the a portion of the plane washed up on shore and they got the raft from that?

  15. says

    Sven: “What the hell does LOST have to do with comics? Why is this here?”

    Hmm- A Flash/Green Lantern comic in the first episode with panels that seem to foreshadow island events (including the subterranian Orchid station last night) for starters…This season’s arrival of the freighter scientists whose characters – at least early on- brought comparisons to the Fantastic Four and the Challengers of the Unknown…
    Gee, what *does* this show have to do with comics?

  16. says

    nobody going to talk about locke in the coffin? no takers? because i’m totally stumped.

    no way is jin dead. i think sun’s going to turn into her father, or something close to it, in a quest for revenge (but she’ll get redemption somehow). or she’s just jerking widmore’s chain.

    i think desmond probably has to go back too, which means they’ll have the means to go thanks to penny’s fortune.

    i like that ben has turned into kind of a loki/trickster kind of character. he knows everything we all want to know, and he ain’t saying shit.

    i’m interested to see where walt ends up fitting in, although i’ve never really cared about him.

    jack’s a big baby. i’ve decided sawyer>jack.

  17. says

    You know what I really hate? Ben’s dumb action figure extendable riot baton +5 vs. bedouins. How is that thing so invincible???!?!

    “Checkmate, Mr. Ecko” = line of the whole season.

    Good stuff.


  18. says

    Ha, I was right about Locke in the coffin.

    Was Faraday really taking people to the boat? I don’t think so…

  19. Trish M. says

    Sawyer saying “Hey Kenny Rogers…” gave me a big laugh. Good to see Tall Walt too – puberty is in full force!

  20. says

    “– Is there an impending heel turn coming for Sun? Who is going to feel her wrath? Ben? Jack?”

    Except for Hurley, Sun seems to no contact with any of the other Oceanic 6. She might be mad at Kate, Jack and Sayid for not waiting for Jin.

    If Locke is off the island [as implied as his body in the coffin], Sun might have learned that Ben killed Keamy, thereby triggering the dead man’s switch and have a mad-on for Ben.

    She also might be directing her anger towards Widmore since he was the one who hired the mercenaries in the first place. The meeting might be a “keep your friends close but your enemies closer” stratagem.

  21. Randall Kirby says

    What does LOST have to do with comics?

    Why don’t you ask the folks at Octagon Global Recruiting?
    They’ll be in San Diego July 24-27.

    Do those dates sound familiar?

  22. Agatha Marple says

    Let’s have a moment for all the poor saps on the boat who never got a warning by anyone that there was a bomb on the boat and maybe trying to escape would be a good thing to try. Desmond worried about his buddies but no one else. No mention of them afterwards. Ah, well.

  23. says

    Randall Kirby: “What does LOST have to do with comics?
    Why don’t you ask the folks at Octagon Global Recruiting?
    They’ll be in San Diego July 24-27.”

    Haha- I saw their “recruitment ad” last night (http://www.octagonglobalrecruiting.com/)and didn’t realize those dates are San Diego.

    What does LOST have to do with comics, indeed.

  24. says


    Des also kinda forgot about all the other redshirt castaways that had been so helpfully ferried to the boat by Faraday. How many trips did Faraday make, three? So counting out the “stars” about fifteen redshirts from the island died? Makes the massacre at New Otherton look tame.

    What was Keamy’s original goal with the C4? Surely it wasn’t purely to stymie Ben (fat lotta good it did). It mighta served to keep the ship’s crew from sailing away while Keamy and his men were island-bound, but HE DIDN’T TELL ANYONE ABOUT IT after shooting the captain!

    That’s taking the “big surprise” a little too far.

  25. maija says

    John Locke does not look good in a suit.

    I suspected that it was going to be him but I was still gutted when I saw him. He was my second choice for coffin occupant after Ben.

    Penny showing up was convenient, but I loved it. Yay!

    Sawyer is definitely >> Jack.

    Waiting until January is going to be painful.

  26. Fanboy Menace says

    At least two comic book writers have worked on the show so that’s all the connection you need right there. First Paul Dini in Season One, and now Brian K. Vaughn is a regular writer.

    I really liked seeing Jack and Sawyer working together. That should happen more often. And there was the set up for Faraday being dislodged in time like Desmond was when he noted who his “anchor” was, so I’m guessing something like that.

    What were the “really bad things” that happened after the Oceanic Six left and why did Locke leave the island?

  27. says

    Walt’s sort of in hiding with his grandmother protecting him. No one knows he survived. Likely his name was changed and Walt is assumed dead, though why his grandmother would cover for Oceanic is a mystery- money?

    So, how did Miles know Faraday’s girl had been there before??? Was the black lady who owned the house where Miles “contacted the spirit” of her dead son the same woman as Walt’s grandmother? I know some speculated that at the time but I didn’t think those photos looked like Michael.

    I figured it was Locke in the coffin when they first showed it but throughout last night I wondered if Jeremy BENthem wasn’t a clue that it was Ben- should have known it was a red herring. So, does that mean John had to move the island and leave? It seems like he can’t die on the island so one would suspect he was killed off the island.

    All in all, a great ending and enough answers to please most anyone.

  28. Torsten Adair says

    I lost my Lost cherry last night. So who built Orchid? and the Wheel Of Time And Space? What happened to those scientists? Where did the Island move? How does an island that large remain unseen? Where does the energy come from, and how does it stay connected to the island? Why all the ice? What happens when the wheel is turned the other way? All that light and no other energy emissions? A huge displacement of mass, and barely a ripple? What’s on the rest of the video tape?
    what’s it got to do with comics? Howabout a pile of continuity so thick you need subtitled annotations? mumbo jumbo science? confusing edits between then and now? and one season to weave this all together into a coherent tapestry?

  29. Joe Lawler says

    Hey Torsten, I would suggest watching seasons 1-3 on DVD. Jumping in on the last episode of season 4 isn’t the most new viewer friendly time.

  30. jason caskey says

    Every episode is available for viewing in its entirety on ABC’s website. I watched the first 3 and a half seasons for the first time over the spring, so its easy for anyone to jump on for the ride.

  31. Rehnam says

    My only question is: why didn’t they simply unplug all the wires from the bomb on the ship, if the battery which could have initiated the explosion was frozen?

    Didn’t someone mention that John killed himself of the island?

  32. Dan Z says

    Don’t know if anyone mentioned this but I think we’ll see more of Desmond in the future. Afterall Ben told Widmore that he’s going to kill Penny.

    Do I sense a Ben vs. Desmond showdown in the future?

  33. Fanboy Menace says

    Maybe that’s why Ben is so eager to help. He knows bringing the group back together for a return will put him close to Desmond and Penny.

    I think Hugo said something like, “they said it was a suicide…” but it a way that it seemed like he didn’t believe it. And I assume that when Ben asked Jack if “he” had visited them he was talking about Locke because Jack said “he” blamed him for things going badly after they left.

  34. Rob Jensen says

    BTW, besides BKV and Paul Dini, Lost has a few more writers, past and present, with comics connections:

    * Damon Lindelof (show co-creator and co-showrunner, one-half of Team Darlton) — noted comics freak. Still owes at least two more issues of Ultimate Wolverine Vs. Hulk to comics fangeeks.

    * Drew Goddard (current writer) — Archbishop in the Church of Joss. Writer of several episodes of Buffy and Angel and, uhm, dudes, he’s writing the current Buffy-is-Bicurious arc in the season 8 comics, y’know.

    * Javier Grillo-Marxuach (alumni writer) — Staff writer/producer on the superhero friendly-ish Charmed and other geek-skewing shows like Jake 2.0 and, arguably, Medium. Also wrote Annihilation: Super-Skrull for Marvel and unlike Damon Lindelof, seemed to have gotten his Marvel work in on time.

    * David Fury (alumni writer) — Yes, he left Lost on something like bad terms. But a) he’s an Elder in the Church of Joss and b) he was Indiana freakin’ Jones’s snake-loving pilot in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

    — Rob — having too much fun with IMDB

  35. Micah says

    Sun is becoming one of those rich benefactors, a la Widmore, with her take-over of her fathers company. If she knows about the time anomolies with the island (maybe Hurley and/or Jack told her), why not finance an expidition to find the new location of the island.

    Then she can go back in time and save Jin. Nice.

  36. Rob Jensen says

    > Jeph Loeb was a writer on the show for a season as well.

    That was a Skrull.

    — Rob

  37. says

    @rob: you wouldn’t know that looking at Lost season 3.

    the Penny/Desmond reunion was much needed. i wouldn’t care if jack/kate/sawyer were pushed out a high window much less how they resolve their drama.

    was no one wondering which item young John Locke was supposed to have picked?

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