Looking back at the Aughts: Vig and Sean still have it

To celebrate their 20th anniversary, film magazine Empire recently commissioned a photo gallery of stars reprising their iconic roles. Although it’s been 10 years since they made the LORD OF THE RINGS films — surely one of the most successful creative undertakings of the ten-year period about to pass — Boromir and Aragorn (aka Sean Bean and Viggo Mortensen) still look mission to Mirkwood ready — and smokin’, as well.

Also in the gallery: G. Butt, now in his “I’m wearing pants now, ma” phase.



  1. mark coale says

    i’m confused. DDGB has a shirt on in this picture.

    I think someone hacked the site, Heidi.

  2. says

    That was actually pretty cool. My fave was Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster. Great, great shot.

    Tom looked like he was auditioning for Iron Man!

  3. mark coale says

    Love Kevin Spacey and the box. Too bad they didn’t photoshop in Gwyneth’s head.

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