READ: Kirby Monsters!

As an alternative to parades or football, may we suggest, these 39 never-reprinted Kirby Monsters comics at Philip Parodayco’s Monster Blog. Hours of browsing fun.

Most of Jack Kirby’s 188 pre-superhero stories have been reprinted; here’s the 39 that have NEVER been, in chronological order. As collectors provide me with scans from their original issues, I’ll be posting these stories on Monster Blog for your eternal enjoyment and edification!


  1. Joe S. Walker says

    Slightly puzzled at a rash of sudden links to this site – it’s been around a long time. Which of course doesn’t diminish its value. If only someone would do the same for never-reprinted Ditko fantasy stories….

  2. Ernie Stiner says

    Wow, Ms. Heidi, thanks for pointing me to this site – it’s GREAT!

  3. Joe Bones says

    Jack was the best creator of monsters EVER! Most real fans should, of course, already know he was the greatest superhero creator. Sorry Stan. You were merely ‘the man’. JACK WAS THE KING!

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