How close did the world come to having Fabio play Thor?

Thor poster 1 How close did the world come to having Fabio play Thor?
If Colleen Doran’s exposé of a secret Fabio-financed Thor cartoon starring the romance model as the Thunder God is to be believed…terrifyingly close.


  1. met fabio when he was working on thi–it’s was real.met him when he he was sitting purposely at the front table of a little restaurant in hollywood. the purpose of which was to pick up hollywood lady tourists, i’m had a strong suspicion. i’m sure it worked, too, but in spite of my distrarction we had a nice converstation and kept in touch a bit and he gave me some kind of “pull quote” for my studio. his agent was hoping i had some kind of connections of the cartoon probably the main reason.

  2. sory for all the typos–it’s early

  3. For Thor, I still prefer the “have already fought the galaxy” weariness of Dog: Bounty Hunter. Plus, his wife could play Thor’s sidekick: PowerGirl.

  4. Eww. Well, he could certainly dress as Thor without complaints. I wont take that from him.

  5. Heidi, I’m surprised you didn’t include some juicy beefsteak shots of Fabio! Are you feeling okay?

    Hmmm… crossing Marvel’s Thor with DC’s Shazam… make the character female, add in a multi-cultural pantheon (Norse, Greek/Roman, Native American, Indian…) which assists the hero. Sort of like Brave and the Bold, but the team-ups are with other gods who have specific powers.

  6. Aw, why the hell not.

  7. * Oh, and Special “Thor with PowerGirl” song by Ozzy, lyrics a lot like this: “Thor, God of Thunder, Wonderous with the Bounty of Love, the Love of PowerGirl!!”

  8. Why stop there? I’d like to see an Avengers movie in which every character is played by Fabio. Except for Iron Man, he’d still be played by Robert Downey Jr.

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