Daredevil movie rides again with David Slade


According to Variety, director David Slade, previous comic book movie veteran of 30 DAYS OF NIGHT, is aboard for a new Daredevil movie which “will not contain material from the Ben Affleck version”. Daredevil last swung across the screen in 2003 when a movie starring Affleck, Jennifer Garner, and Colin Farrell was the first of many “meh” Marvel superhero films to follow (cf. GHOST RIDER, PUNISHER, HULK 2, etc., etc.) Daredevil is also one of a number of Marvel characters who must be put into development by Disney rivals lest Disney/Marvel get the rights back. (cf. GHOST RIDER.) It is safe to say not many are pining for a new Daredevil movie right now, but better Fox make it than Disney just happen to do it.

Slade was previously attached to WOLVERINE before Darren Aronofsky signed on.


  1. Mouse says:

    Huh? Hulk 2 was great, and better Marvel Studios make it than another Fox f-up.

  2. k-box says:

    That article would’ve been AWESOME in English.

  3. I am stom looking forward to WALLEVEREINE by Afrensoky.

  4. I think you just blew past the “Bleeding Cool barrier” for the highest typo-to-word ratio in a news article.

  5. John Warren says:

    This is the first I have heard of Disney rivals “left Deisney?Marvel.”

  6. Let’s hope they do it right this time. Make it a film noir with a superhero. Good plot. Drop the MTV-style of directing.

  7. Editing is your friend.

  8. The Beat says:

    What can I say, kids, sometimes you imagine you proofread something when it was all in your mind. Sorry about that and we will try to raise the bar here at Stately Beat Manor.

    In my defense, I was highly distracted by a giant bug at large in my desk today.

  9. Charles Knight says:

    Did you mean to link to another article? Your quote “will not contain material from the Ben Affleck version” leads to a variety article that seems to say the opposite and where that quote is not used.

  10. Snikt Snakt says:

    Great, looking forward to another awful sequel like what was done for Hulk & Punisher…

  11. Has one of these “second bite at the apple” movies ever worked?

    Leave poor Daredevil on the shelf until around 2028.

  12. 2028?? No, take him off the shelf in 2012.

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