Corey Lewis’s SEEDLESS


Image has just released information on a new Corey Lewis concoction — this time a saga of garden fruits and the aliens who look like them:

Just when you thought it was safe to go to the supermarket for a bag of grapes, Corey Lewis (Sharknife, Peng) reminds us that aliens could be anywhere in his new one-shot from Image Comics, SEEDLESS. In SEEDLESS, grapes come from another planet, battle for freedom, and take a young girl on the adventure of a lifetime.

“I consider it like the movie BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED meets the video game MEGAMAN,” says Lewis. “Originally, SEEDLESS was an online comic supported by Seattle-based video game store Pink Gorilla. The grape characters in SEEDLESS are from one of the first comics I created when I was twelve years old. The story is a bright and colorful, action-packed adventure for kids and adults!”

In SEEDLESS, Harmony Treblecleff is the daughter of an eccentric inventor, but she thought she led a pretty normal life. Normal, that is, until the grapes she grabbed from the kitchen came to life! Suddenly, Harmony is being attacked by a rogue Grape Tyrant from a distant planet (aptly named Crazy) and his many tiny minions. Her only hope is the intervention of a new special breed of heroic grape warriors — ones that are SEEDLESS!

SEEDLESS, a 128-page full-color trade for $12.99, will be in stores August 4, 2010.


  1. Oh boy! A volume 1 from Corey Lewis! Hopefully, he won’t get our hopes up for a volume 2, because like Sharknife and Rival Schools before it, I doubt it will ever happen.

  2. reyyy says:

    Hey STEVE!!! I don’t appreciate your FLACK!!!!

    (ifinishedrivalschools –


  3. Don’t see you saying anything about Sharknife though.

    And Oni solicited the book twice and you still couldn’t get it done.

  4. Fair enough, still would like more Sharknife though.

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