Comic News Insider #100 is online

Hear the Beat blab! Hear Paul Pope, John Cassaday, Jimmy Palmiotti and John Lucas blab also! It’s all on the 100th episode of the Comic News Insider podcast which is now online.

Comic News Insider is your source for news, reviews and interviews on everything comic book, animation, sci-fi and pop culture!  Sponsored by Dynamic Forces. Hosted by Jimmy Aquino and Joe Gonzalez, CNI is a NYC based weekly podcast that is both informative and entertaining. Jimmy and Joe review new weekly comics/movies/TV shows, deliver the latest industry news and share their Top 3 Picks of the Week. Episodes include guest interviews with the biggest names in the comic book industry today, as well as guest segments including Blair Butler from G4’s Attack of the Show. Tune in every Wednesday to get your comic book news and more.


  1. says

    heidi….you rock! thanks for being on the show. you are a natural on the mic! hope to get you back soon. thanks for the props.

  2. says

    Thanks Heidi! It was great having you on the show. Perhaps you’ll stop by again in the near future. Keep on bloggin’

  3. kevin says

    It was great meeting you Hedi! A really fun show! Congrats on 100 episodes! -Kevin Conn aka “Alan Moore” :)

  4. says

    CNI is an awesome podcast, definitely at the top of my list of favorite comic podcasts. This episode 100 was an awesome show, I enjoyed listening to it. Wish I could have been there.


  5. says

    huh. i dont think i noticed this before and clearly no one else did. but you have us as comicS news insider. it’s just singular COMIC NEWS INSIDER. just so ya know! thanks again!

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