LINE Webtoon launches The Brooklynite by Kushner and Bayale


Mobile comics platform LINE Webtoon expanded its “New Brooklyn” super hero universe today with the launch of The Brooklynite. The series was created by the late Seth Kushner and artist Shamus Beyale, with additional art by Jason Goungor. LINE Webtoon is also developing a new title for the line,  War Cry, a spin-off of Dean Haspiel’s “The […]

Kodansha Comics to Release More Than 750 Titles on BookWalker Global


Another digital company heard from and this time in the manga arena. Bookwalker is a kind of Japanese Comixology, offering digital manga and light novels. They debuted in the US at NYCC and have deep pockets as a division of the huge Japanese publisher Kadowkawa. And now they’re launching in English with more than 750 titles […]

Slapstick gets his own digital first comic from van Lente and Brown


  Yesterday I mentioned Marvel’s push for a new geeneration of male characters like Solo, Thrasher and Mosaic. Slapstick, a Deadpooliverse character whose power is be a clown (timely) wqas a little too weird for print, but is getting his own digital-first comic from Marvel’s Infinite Comics line. BTW Slapstick was created in 1992 by Len Kaminski and […]

Are Digital Comics Really In Trouble?


The ICV2 conference, or at least the accounts of it I’ve heard, have been a little light on the digital comics side of things this year. The pull quote from Alex Lu’s recap was ” Digital sales have grown by 1125%.” To clarify, I’m told that’s growth since the start of digital sales, not the […]

Madefire Gets Another $6.5M in Funding and Launches Virtual Reality Comics App


You remember Madefire?  They do the “Motion Book” not-quite-animated comics (I highly recommend Milk for the Ugly) and power the in-house digital comics sites for several publishers.  And they been busy little beavers in the time leading up to NYCC. First up, TechCrunch reports Madefire has received a $6.5M Series B funding round (that’s Venture […]

Comixology announces Originals, new line of original digital comics


At long last, ComiXology is kicking off a line of original digital comics. But rather than making it from whole cloth they’re partnering with Boom!, Valiant and the Harvey Kurtzman estate for this first run. So the results aren’t what you’d expect: an Adventure Time spin off; a high school version of the Valiant universe and […]

A new episode of Barrier by Vaughn, Martin and Vicente is up


  After some delays caused by work on the oversized Walking Dead special, a new chapter of Barrier by Brian K. Vaughan, Marcos Martin and Muntsa Vicente  is up, with a pay what you wish model for digital downloads via their Panel Syndicate site. Barrier, a follow-up to their stunning The Private Eye, is a SF tale […]

Weekend reading and preview: The Solar Grid by Ganzeer is a dark, thought provoking piece of SF


Fans of Vertigo Comics and Image Comics recent turn to intelligent SF, here’s another comic you should be checking out: The Solar Grid by Ganzeer. Ganzeer is an Egyptian muralist and graphic designer who was forced to leave his home after being targeted by the current Egyptian regime as a terrorist after he made some […]