Cartoonist leaves publisher in tears over plans to film sex with others

shia labeouf karolyn pho
Surprise! It’s Shia LaBeouf and his girlfriend Karolyn Pho, who handles the business side of LaBeouf’s Campaign Book comics publishing company. LaBeouf is making a Lars Von Trier film called Nymphomaniac which may require him to film actual sex acts, which is a step up from the torture and blinding and other miseries which actors in von trier films must often endure. Apparently, Pho wasn’t thrilled when she heard this plan. Whatever happens, we’re sure Shia will make a comic about it.


  1. Full support of your plan to note Shia LaBeouf as “cartoonist” from here on out.

    “Noted cartoonist and sometime actor Shia LaBeouf…”

  2. Johnny Memeonic says:

    You sure she’s not in tears over certain…other events as depicted in this youtube documentary:

  3. I had no idea what the “leaves publisher in tears” bit was till I Googled their names. I thought it might mean she left him, after a sobbing breakup.

    I just don’t follow enough celebrity news.

  4. Hey actors: It’s called “acting.” You don’t actually have to DO IT. Just “act” it.

  5. Only in America can “actual sex” be described as “a step op from torture”.

  6. Still beats working for Michael Bay.

  7. Naveed says:

    @ Kater; hahaha! I loved that one, very true!

  8. So what is the focus here?

    Are we picking on him for trying to do comics? or about the relationship and the film?

    As far as actual sex, nothing new when it comes to film.

    Not sure .

  9. Snikt Snakt says:

    I imagine either way there will be a “HAPPY ENDING” to this story…! :-p

  10. Internet Comic Nerd says:

    Shia Labouf giving a bad reputation to comic artists & actors everwhere

  11. Real sex? How brave! I think I would have more respect for him if they used real ammo in his movies from now on.

  12. James Smith 3 says:

    I’m confused. Having sex on camera under the watchful gaze of Lars von Trier and a room full of film crew is NOT a step up from torture?

  13. They’re gonna film part of this movie in my hometown in Belgium. I’ll keep ya posted if I’ll be able to kick Shia LeBœuf in the shins (you know, for his part of ruining Indiana Jones) :)
    Charlotte Gainsbourg is already confirmed to be here and Von Trier has been calling for cars of the 70ties, 80ties and 90ties.

  14. george says:

    “Hey actors: It’s called “acting.” You don’t actually have to DO IT. Just “act” it.”

    Not this time. Von Trier has been giving interviews saying this film will have hardcore porn scenes. Kirsten Dunst reportedly chose not to participate. However, Nicole Kidman is in it.

  15. jacob goddard says:

    I happen to think that Labouf’s comics showed some real promise. I hope to watch him develop into a damn fine art cartoonist.

    As a side note, check out Jeff Bridges drawings sometime. He’s amazing.

  16. jacob goddard says:

    Also, past the occasional report on publisher/creator drama and creator/creator disagreements, The Beat has never aired a cartoonist’s dirty laundry like this.
    Feels in poor taste.

  17. MattComix says:

    Great, just what the world needed: pretentious porno.

  18. horatio weisfeld says:

    Hey.. the guy did really excellent work in the Transformers movies (or has everybody changed their minds about that stuff) + the guy had the balls to say what he thought of the (shit) Indiana Jones movie — and then (had the balls) quote Spielberg complaining to him about having said what he thought (giving us an interesting glimpse of the real Spielberg) — and then he goes out to comics events with his stuff, and seemingly calls no attention to himself or otherwise makes no effort to present his stuff on anything but the merits of the work (so, u’know.. maybe he’s really into it?)– seems like a class act to me –what the fuck do people want?

  19. They’ve already done this. It was called “Shortbus”. (and I’m sure there were more before that. :)

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