Brit nerds like Clowes in Paul

PAUL is a comedy due next year that follows two English comics nerds — played by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost — on a cross-Scountry trip that includes Comic-Con. But along the way they meet up with a cute little alien named Paul, portrayed by CGI and voiced by Seth Rogen. Hijinks ensue. It’s directed by Greg Mottola who made SUPERBAD and ADVENTURELAND, so color this promising.

The English poster has just been released and you can see that Simon Pegg is wearing a T-shirt based on the cover to Daniel Clowes’ epic EIGHTBALL #23 — The Death Ray — which would tie in nicely with the alien theme.

Via Flog, which says this issue of EIGHTBALL may be reprinted some day (it’s long out of print).


  1. Barry Buchanan says

    Coming from the guys behind Shaun of the Dead and Superbad I got me some high hopes for this one.

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