Beat Friday Giveaway: Win a copy of Oscar-winner Shaun Tan's THE LOST THING

We’re sure Beat readers were as pleased as we were when the incredibly talented artist/animator Shaun Tan won the Oscar™ for Best Animated Short Film last weekend for THE LOST THING. Nine years in the making, the short is based on his book of the same name, which has been basically unavailable in the US for a while now.

However, a NEW edition has just come out from Scholastic in a collection called LOST & FOUND which includes not only THE LOST THING but two other magical Tan tales, THE RED TREE and THE RABBIT.

Thanks to our pals at Scholastic we’re giving away THREE copies of this book. To enter, email your name and address to beatgiveaway @ with LOST AND FOUND in the title. Three winners will be selected at random on Monday, 3/7 at 5 pm, E.S.T.

Here’s a bit more info and a preview:


A collection of three jaw-dropping stories: THE RED TREE, THE LOST THING, and THE RABBITS, by New York Times bestselling author and illustrator Shaun Tan.

A girl finds a bright spot in a dark world. A boy leads a strange, lost creature home. And a group of peaceful creatures loses their home to cruel invaders. Three stories, written and illustrated by Shaun Tan, about how we lose and find what matters most to us.

Never widely available in the U.S., these tales are presented in their entirety with new artwork and author’s notes.


Click for larger versions.


  1. Chris says

    Thanks for running this!

    However, the email address does not seem to exist.

    Is it perhaps beatgivEaway not beatgivaway?

  2. Jonathan La Mantia says

    Might be something I’m screwing up on my end.. but I keep getting a ‘The email account that you tried to reach does not exist’ error.

  3. says

    John — don’t be a jerk. If you don’t want it, don’t enter. or go ahead and sell it for cash value if you win, but no need to share that.

  4. James Van Hise says

    It’s a great film. I found a website which shows the entire film with French subtitles. The only dvd available seems to be Region 2 only.

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