Anime is sexy!

Just a reminder that the manga/anime look is now a complete fashion era. From the Observer’s fashion page:

At socialite Allison Sarofim’s annual Halloween party last Saturday, Oct. 25, the theme was Japanese anime. Female dancers in purple wigs and revealing electro-violet garments swayed to the music on pedestals. A young woman wearing skimpy lingerie and a giant head of a Japanese comic-book character with fake hair reaching down to her rear was placed atop the mantelpiece and instructed to stay put. Another woman in a metallic unitard and extraterrestrial headgear walked around with a mini-buffet of Japanese candy. And the male waiters, passing out just-made sushi and cocktails, were topless.


Unrelated: Socialite Kim Kardashian went as Wonder Woman. Looks good from the front.

Gallery Main-1031 Kim Kardashian Ww 11

From the back, that is some Amazon junk in a trunk. I cannot lie.



  1. Michael says:

    Looks *great* from the back.

    I got semi-involved in an online discussion this weekend about Kardashian’s Wonder Woman costume. I found it amusing that most of the people involved asserted she was “trashy-ing” up the character, despite actually wearing more clothing than Diana usually does.

  2. Ron Thibodeau says:

    perhaps they were referring to the person wearing the outfit, not the amount of thread the outfit had…..

  3. Tom Spurgeon says:

    Kardashian snapped someone’s neck? Was it a Baldwin?

  4. Dave Miller-Lad says:

    I give it three thumbs up.

  5. michael says:

    it’s cool, I have no problem with it, but I just wish someone I respected would wear the Wonder Woman suit. :(

  6. Looks great from the back!

  7. And suddenly, Joel McHale has a joke written for him.

  8. Wow. That looks like something you’d see balancing on a seal’s nose.

  9. michael says:

    lol! Jeff and Neeb! :)

  10. Joe S. Walker says:

    The thing about Wonder Woman is that she’s supposed to walk around in a corset, knickers and boots while being wholesome – which is why no one has ever looked the part better than Lynda Carter.

  11. First reaction when i saw the before and after: awesome.

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