And it doesn’t even have nipples

Michael Keaton’s Batman costume from Batman Returns is up for auction and it’s expected to fetch $60-80K :

The impressive outfit from the 1992 sequel, directed by Tim Burton, includes Batman’s black rubber body suit, boots and gauntlet gloves with serrated fins.

It also comes with Batman’s rubberised cape and iconic cowl, which Bruce Wayne wears to mask his true identity.

A spokesman for auctioneers Profiles In History said: “This is a complete costume, from head-to-toe, with the zipper in the back to allow entry for Keaton.

Chris O’Donnell’s Robin suit from Batman & Robin is also up, with an expected price of a mere $8-10,000.



  1. It’s nice to know the costume has a “zipper in the back to allow entry for Keaton.”

  2. Oh my God John, I’m just glad I wasn’t drinking milk when I read that. It would have come out of my nose. That was a good one.

  3. The thing is foam latex. You can see it disintegrating. Save your money guys!

  4. i want a batman Costume i want this costume

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