A Tale of Two SPXes

Can’t resist more links. Mike Kitchen of Spy Guy and Ultraist Studios does SPX the thrifty way, weighing each and every glass of wine against copies sold:

In an attempt to cut costs, we had abandoned the idea of spending $100 a night for a plush room in the Marriott, and instead camped out in the Possum-Wagon. Aside from being impaled by strange seat hooks and attachors, and having reoccurring nightmares of being harassed by parking lot security, I had an incredible sleep.

Saturday, I awoke to a brand new day. A sponge bath in the bathroom sink freshened me up, and I managed to score a free coffee from the restaurant upstairs, and some French toast, strawberries, and another coffee from a buffet downstairs. This all seemed to endorse the above lesson.


§ Jeff Smith also had a good time:

On the last day of SPX 2007, after a year of traveling back and forth to Europe and around North America, I ended my world tour crammed in a tiny room filled with happy, young cartoonists dancing, sweating, and singing at the top of their lungs. It was a cathartic release, and I joined in with gusto.

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