21 Days of Halloween: Guy Davis


Guy Davis has worked on a ton of great comics and just this year won the Eisner award for Best Penciler/Inker for his work on B.P.R.D. His current project is THE MARQUIS, being published by Dark Horse, a dark tale of justice and and the torment of religious faith. For our Halloween fest, he shared with us some he did for the Turner Classic Movies, TCM Underground website back in 2006/2007. Guy writes: “Attached are some from The Black Sleep, Night of the Living Dead, The Sadist and one of my favorites, Madhouse.”

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  1. Guy Davis is the best!

  2. Yes he is.

  3. I concur. Guy is magnifico.

  4. Cormorant says:

    Whoa, I didn’t know he scored an Eisner this year! I’m behind the times, but that’s great news. He’s one of the great draftsmen of our times.

  5. Love his work on Zombies that Ate the World.

  6. He draws the best mushiest monsters. Like, if you could touch them they’d feel like rotten fruit.

  7. Great stuff. Guy is a true pro. Great B&W. Really, who needs colors…?

  8. I am doing something of the same nature and will be studying your site. Thank.

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