Podcast Alert: How much Beat blabbin’ can you take?

People often ask me “Why don’t you do a podcast?” I answer, “I do.” • In this week’s More To Come podcast, Calvin Reid, Kate Fitzsimons and I talk about my MAN OF STEEL world premiere adventures, Apple’s e-book price fixing trial, DC’s new digital interactive line, DC Squared, the growth of new conventions and […]

REVIEW: Noah Van Sciver Draws What He Wants to Draw in BLAMMO 8


Noah Van Sciver possesses one of the most original voices in indie comics. There’s little doubt about that. But he’s been on a strange road of personal exploration that has led to some big successes and currently he’s taking stock of what he wants to draw and how, while also continuing to work on new […]

IDW’s Ted Adams confirms that comics are not dying


IDW president Ted Adams is always engaging and as candid as any comics CEO might be, so when ICv2 catches up with him for a state of the industry interview, it’s always good. And Adams confirms, the state of the industry is good. There are a lot of really good books out.  What I like […]

SPX announces Kupperman and Modan as guests


While many of us are beginning to be terrified of the imminent San Diego Comic-Con, the Small Press Expo is ramping up for September’s comics sleep-away camp. And the guest list is shaping up with Michael Kupperman and Rutu Modan just announced. SPX will be held September 14 and 15 in Bethesda, MD. Previously announced […]

Jim Lee asks the hard question: top artists of the last five years?

Chris Burnham's Officer Downe

Tonight’s dinner topic: Who are your 3 favorite new artists who have emerged in the past 5 years? — Jim Lee (@JimLee) June 20, 2013 In a tweet the other night, DC co-publisher Jim Lee asked a question I’ve seen kicked around a few times. You can see the answers in this link. Dan DiDio […]

Kibbles ‘n Bits, 6/21/2013: countdown clock of doom


§ The real official Comic-Con International: San Diego blog has staretd running daily tips, like how to get in line for panels and that kind of thing. IN a few days it’s going to be SDCC 2013 all day every day here so brace yourself. § The UNofficial SDCC blog has tons of useful info […]