It’s official: John Stewart is going to live!


After a mini PR meltdown over DC editorial’s leaked plans to kill John Stewart, the long running Green Lantern character who is considered DC’s best known African American character, it is being confirmed on Twitter that he’s going to be okay after all! DC’s Executive Director of Publicity Alex Segura and Green Lantern writer Robert […]



Photocomix are strange creatures. They look like a hybrid of a photography medium and a comics format, and when you spot them in the wild you’re never sure whether they arose as some part of a natural evolutionary process in art or if they were the result of some kind of misguided experiment, maybe even […]

Nice Art: Alessandro Micelli


On his Tumblr, he mentions that he also owns a pizzeria, which would make him possibly the most popular cartoonist of all times.

DC to publish digital comics based on 1966 Batman


Holy licensing deal, Batman!

It seems that the campy, kitschy 1966 version of Batman—which was long verboten to be mentioned at DC and WB in general due to it’s campy, kitschy nature. But as many noted, a line of toys based on the show was introduced at Toy Fair, and now we see that a whole line of merchandise, including a digital-first comic — is coming.

DC Comics Month-to-Month Sales: February 2013


As DC keeps clowning around and pushing hard to single-handedly choke the concept of irony to death by summer, the company’s average and total sales figures for new comic books performed solidly in the month of February.

After hiring Bob Harras, hiring Rob Liefeld, hiring every writer and artist who worked at Marvel in 1999, releasing a Green Lantern title especially for kids, releasing more Watchmen comics several of which written by J. Michael Straczynski, making a habit of hiring, promoting, then firing creative personnel on all kinds of titles every month, releasing Before Watchmen: Dollar Bill, hiring a raging homophobe to write Superman and announcing “WTF month,” in February 2013 DC released Justice League of America #1, a new high-profile Geoff Johns vehicle promoted with not one, not three, not 12, but 54 different cover choices, thus making it something like the lynchpin of gimmick-driven market gaming. I mean, the plastic-ring thing from a couple of years back was a fair stab, but this one is bolder.

Webcomic Alert: Bookmark Jason Little’s BORB


Whoa! Jason Little – BeeComix, Shutterburg Follies—has launched a daily webcomic called BORB and it concerns a hobo and his hobo-adventures.

Interview: Bob Fingerman on remaking Minimum Wage and making a career


Bob Fingerman talks about the new definitive version of Minimum Wage, surviving as a cartoonist, why people like the apocalypse and more in a wide ranging interview.

Sullivan’s Sluggers is back on IndieGogo


If first you don’t succeed…. If you’ve been following the SULLIVAN’S SLUGGERS controversy—catch up here and here—you know that writer Mark Andrew Smith has gotten a lot of criticism over his handling of the fulfillment of last year’s $97k Kickstarter for the story about a minor league baseball team going up against a monster invasion. […]

New Devices and the Digital Comics Landscape


by Bruce Lidl The last few weeks have seen a number of big developments in the digital comics realm, from the highs of Marvel’s big announcements at SXSW to the lows of JManga’s imminent closure. Comixology continues to distance itself from its rivals, and with the new Submit program is poised to expand greatly the revenue possibilities for independent creators. By […]

Siegel Superman case ends (almost)

Superman 79

As expected, the district court has ruled that the 2001 settlement agreement between DC and the Siegels is binding and did indeed transfer the Superman copyright to DC. But what about Superboy?

“Come with me if you want to live, John Stewart”: Your Morning Superman and Green Lantern Controversy Links

Action 20

It’s been an… eventful couple of days around DC’s HQs. There’s a little more information slipping out around the Superman and Green Lantern franchises. First off, Tony Daniel clarified a few things about the Action Comics run he’s drawing and taking over plotting duties on, over at his Facebook page: Yes, many have heard, Andy Diggle left […]