A Smurfy Preview Review: THE BABY SMURF by Peyo from Papercutz


It seems appropriate to ring in the new year with a blue moon and a stork-bourne baby Smurf. THE BABY SMURF, including the title story and several other comics by the legendary Belgian native Peyo, is set for release on February 26th, 2013, a date that seemed all too futuristic even last week. For those […]

The Beat’s Annual Year End Survey, 2013 Edition, Part One


It’s here! Our look forward and back with the most eclectic group of industry pros on the web, from creators to publishers, editors, librarians, even a journo or two. 2012 was a year bursting with news and accomplishments on many many fronts and no clear consensus emerged as to what the big story was…or will […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 1/2/13: another chance to get it right

§ Matt Thorn at TCJ on the life of Barefoot Gen creator Keiji Nakazawa: Nakazawa hated platitudes and whitewashing. He generally avoided the annual peace memorial observances in Hiroshima, considering them pointless. “They never demand accountability. They make their call for peace, they ring their bells. That’s not what it’s all about. You need anger.” […]

The 2012 Comics Happy List

The Score

I’m not going to write a definitive “best of 2012” post.  There’s a lot of variation for taste and I didn’t read _every_ comic that came out in 2012, so I can’t muster the hubris for a “best of” list.  But I did read a fair amount of comics and, in no particular order, here’s […]

Tell the Beat what you do NOT want to see!


At the behest of retailer Brian Hibbs, here is a chance to sound off on what you LEAST WANT TO SEE here at The Beat, your daily news source for Instant Vietnamese Coffee. Vote for as many as you like!

As always if there is something you detest that isn’t listed here, use the comments to warn the world.