Nice art: Dan Clowes draws Archie

A kinship is felt.

SDCC 12: Oops! Mini NerdHQ Comic-Con runs into mini Comic-Con server melt

Only this morning we were congratulating actor/entrepreneur Zachary Levi for setting up Nerd HQ, a Comic-Con offsite that’s essentially a mini comic-con in itself with panels and signings with major nerdlebrities — with proceeds to go to charity.

Well, it turns out that running even a mini-comi-con gives you major comic-con sized problems: when tickets for the event went on sales this morning, it resulted in complete server meltdown. Here’s a bit of the increasingly desperate tweet trail:

Wolverine Enjoys Spring Break with Latour and Rodriguez

Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez put Wolverine in the corner

Howard Chaykin is Reviving Buck Rogers

OK, here’s another one you weren’t expecting. Howard Chaykin is going to be writing and drawing a Buck Rogers series. From Hermes Press.

More DC Creator Moves: Nocenti Returns to Catwoman and Tony Daniel's Next Stop-Over

More creator change announcements at DC today. Ann Nocenti taking over Catwoman under unusual circumstances and Tony Daniels moving on to a higher profile title… for a little while.

Russ Manning Award Spotlight: Craig Cermak

The Russ Manning Awards Draw Closer. Here’s a quick rundown of nominee Craig Cernak

NYC's Forbidden Planet comics store moving to bigger space

Long rumored to be moving (perhaps due to the giant FOR RENT sign on the building), Forbidden PLanet, one of NYC’s longest-running comics shops, is moving a few doors down the street to larger digs, according to manager Jeff Ayers. The new location, 832 Broadway (between 13th and 12th Streets), provides 3400 sq. feet of space for comics, toys and games, and it’s the largest of the three spaces the store has held on that same block over the years.

“This expansion has been necessary for some time now, and will allow us to provide our customers with even more product selection and depth, while streamlining the store’s layout to one convenient floor,” said Ayers in a statement.

Kirkman, Millar, and Niles gab about the creator-owned world

CBR has a nice roundtable on creator-owned comics that rounds up Robert Kirkman, Mark Millar, and Steve Niles. Since they are all “strongly for” the piece doesn’t really ignite any banter, but it does allow many long, entertaining manifestos. For instance, how Millar terrorized Alan Moore when he was a teen.

Batman alert: Nokia lets you explore Gotham City in 3D

In order to view this both impressive and oppressive 3D rendering of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Gotham City one must first allow Nokia—the formerly ascendant Finnish company that was once the world’s largest cel phone manufacturer—to tattle to you friends on Facebook every time you look at it AND tell Nokia you like them. Luckily I do like Nokia — or at least I did like my tiny blue Nokia from 2000 that was my very first cel phone.

Meanwhile back in the real world: The Obamacare Comic

Greg Farrell, he of the Strand strike comics, has posted a new comic about the history of Obamacare. It’s a history of the whole process and in case you’re dying to dig in to this light-hearted topic, this might get you through easy cocktail banter.

SDCC 12: Shifty Look's arcade and Chuck's mini-con

Yet another carnival! This one, as we understand it, is set up next to the Gaslamp Hilton in that area where the Scott Pilgrim Experience once stood. It’s a video game arcade set up by ShiftyLook. Details below, but the pr notes that the Shifty Look panel will feature Scott Kurtz and Kris Straub and an announcement so…add it up.

SDCC '12: The defining moment and the burrito

How a stop for a bit of hearty breakfast can change your life.