Brannon Braga Writing Star Trek: TNG / Borg Comic For IDW

If you’re going to have a Star Trek: The Next Generation comic, there’s a very short list of people who would be more authoritative to write it than Brannan Braga. The only other name that pops into my mind is Ronald D. Moore. IDW has tapped Braga to write Star Trek: The Next Generation: Hive, which is being promoted as “the final chapter in The Borg saga.”

Dynamite's Pulp Revival: Two Months In

A couple months back, Dynamite starting publishing new adventures of two classic pulp magazine heroes: The Shadow and The Spider. Both characters have seen comic adaptions over the years, particularly The Shadow. With a couple month elapsed, its time to step back and see how these characters that predate comic book superheroes (and influenced the creation of Batman) are holding up.