Bryan Lee O'Malley's Scott Pilgrim Valentine pin-up as a reflection of the week in comics news

As we end this week which has been obsessed with copyright, IP and the intersection of licensing and art—you should have heard the talk at FMB’s b-day bash on Wednesday: wall to wall Gary Friedrich—we’ll be the 2,649th persson to link to Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Valentine’s Day treat, a pinup of Ramona Flowers, Kim PIne, Lisa Miller and Wallace Wells, which, while quite notable on its own, is also a reminder of many things. For instance, as much as SCOTT PILGRIM has become a cult unto itself, and as joyful as it is to see new art with these characters, and it would be the easiest thing in the world for O’Malley to exploit the desire for more Pilgrim, instead he’s been concentrating on his NEW project, Seconds.

Diamond's Digital Distribution Program: The Actual Details

I just got off the phone with Michael Murphey from iVerse Media, and the real details about Diamond’s digital comics distribution program bear minimal resemblance to how this was initially portrayed by early accounts from the ComicsPro meeting. Moreover, and this will be the first time I’ve said this about a Diamond Digital project, it seems like a very reasonable plan.

IDW hires John Schork for marketing

IDW has hired a new marketing and PR person, namely John Schork, who has joined the company as Associate Manager, Marketing and Public Relations. The position opened up when AnnaMaria White left to start her own PR company. Schork was formerly an assistant editor at Dark Horse. In his new position he’ll work with IDW’s Director of Marketing Dirk Wood and Marketing Coordinator Chloe Zuanich on industry outreach and social media.

ERB Inc. sues Dynamite and company over Tarzan and John Carter

Uh, uh, looks like maybe Dynamite should have entitled its Barsoomian comics “Master of the Male Wedgie” and not Dejah Thoris and so on, because ERB, Inc., the family-owned corporation which controls existing trademarks to the Edgar Rice Burroughs estate, is suing Dynamite, Dynamic Forces, and Savage Tales Entertainment for trademark infringement and unfair competition over Dynamite’s publication of books entitled “Lord of the Jungle,” “Warlord of Mars,” “Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris”, and “Warlord of Mars: Fall of Barsoom” based on the Edgar Rice Burroughs originals.

Super Bowl champion NY Giants get their own graphic novel

It’s a story of twists and turns as only a 9-7 season can be, but perhaps the most incredible thing about
this online graphic novel chronicling the New York Giants’ championship season is that it is being created by someone known as Chris in Philly. Preferring to remain anonymous—surely because his fellow Philadelphians would egg bomb his house if they knew about it—Chris is using Photoshopped archival materials to tell the exciting story of how Eli Manning led his team to a Super Bowl upset of the New England Patriots. It’s a classic story of the underdog coming out on top.

Get an early hotel room for this year's Comic-Con

This year’s Hoteloween—the day hotel reservations become available for the 2012 edition of the Comic-Con International: San Diego—is March 29th, but it’s already running a little differently. Perhaps hoping to develop a better model than the recent all-or-nothing stampedes, Con organizers seem to be doling things out in timed-release fashion.