Diesel Sweeties and Kickstarter — Another Established Webcomic Getting Big Bucks on Kickstarter

While this doesn’t look like it will quite get to the amazing funding levels of of the Order of the Stick Reprint Project (nearly $650K with 8 days left), there’s another webcomic with an even more modest goal that’s making some serious coin at the crowdfunding game, this week. R Stevens is about to hit 3000 strips in his Diesel Sweeties webcomic. All he wanted was $3K to buy him some time to compile the entire run of the strip into ebook format. Right now, he’s got a bit over $22K pledged for the project.

Ashes Back On Track, New Artists Announced

When last we left the status of Ashes, the original graphic novel crowdfunding to the tune of $32K, artist Jimmy Broxton was no longer on the project and writer Alex de Campi wasn’t sure if there would be a new artist or if she’d be refunding the money to everyone who contributed via Kickstarter. Turns out, there will still be a graphic novel and there will be multiple new artists.