December 2011 Diamond Sales Estimates: Notable and Surprises

ICV2 has their December 2011 Diamond sales estimates up and the downward correction would appear to be continuing.

The big debating point here would be DC returnability. IIRC, Diamond’s been adjusting the numbers to allow for returns (10%?), but relatively few people believe that retailers are returning that much, when taken across the industry. So anything returnable is probably a little under-reported.

NCS announces first Reuben Award for webcomics

National Cartoonists Society president Tom Richmond announces a major, inevitable evolution of the comic strip with a new webcomics division for the Reuben Awards. The Reubens have traditionally honored the best in comic strips and illustration — two artforms now mostly associated with Mad Men-era martinis and horn rim glasses on the “up to date” scale. Richmond’s post has all the salient background info but here are the guidelines and the screening committee:

Cartoon Movement launches Haiti series on second anniversary of earthquake

Cartoon Movement continues its notable journalistic endeavors with a new 75-page series on Haiti.

Haitian cartoonist Chevelin Pierre and journalist Pharés Jerome are collaborating on the first chapter which launches on January 12th, the second anniversary of the 7.0 earthquake which flattened the island. The first chapter looks at the tent cities that still fill Port-au-Prince.

Rare 12-minute Hobbit cartoon by Gene Deitch resurfaces

Don’t have time to watch the whole two-movie HOBBIT from Peter Jackson, or even the Rankin Bass version? Well then maybe this 1968 “limited animation” version which clocks in at under 12 minutes is more your speed.

It’s actually a recently unearthed version of the Hobbit written by the legendary Gene Deitch (Tom and Jerry) and based on drawings by Czech illustrator Adolf Born.

When we tell you you have never seen the Hobbit like this, we mean, You have never seen the Hobbit like this.