Ashes Gets Funded on Kickstarter – #7 Most Funded Comics Project

Alex de Campi and Jimmy Broxton proposed a $27K project on Kickstarter. “Ashes” is a sequel to de Campi’s and Igor Kordy’s 2005 Eisner-nominated mini-series Smoke (published by IDW). This 250 page graphic novel is one of the most ambitious projects in terms of the dollar amount of the goal in the comics category on Kickstarter. Ashes has now reached it’s funding goal and is sitting at 101% funded at $27,285 in funding with 11 days to go before the funding period ends.

Wanna see the Dark Knight Rises prologue?

With rising excitement for next year’s THE DARK KNIGHT RISES trilogy-ending Batman adventure, WB has announced that the full six-minute prologue to the film will be shown in 42 IMAX theaters in the US and the UK starting Friday, December 16. The footage is expected to be shown with MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: GHOST PROTOCOL. Although going to see a Tom Cruise film may sound like an onerous proposition, it’s also the first live Action film directed by Brad Bird — who made THE INCREDIBLES and THE IRON GIANT — so hey, this may be an enjoyable field trip after all.

In a statement, director Christopher Nolan said, “Our experience on ‘The Dark Knight’ shooting and projecting IMAX 15 perf 65mm/70mm film was inspiring. The immersive quality of the image goes beyond any other filmmaking tool available, and in revisiting Gotham, we were determined to shoot even more of the movie in this unique format. Giving the fans an early look at an IMAX sequence is a great way to draw attention to what I believe will be an incredible way to experience our story when it comes out next summer.”

The prologue is expected to feature the bad guy Bane, played by Tom Hardy. Win, win, win!

Brian Wood on digital vs brick and mortar: "Everyone is bleeding."

Responding to last week’s Dark Horse vs the retailers controversy over the price of Dark Horse’s simultaneous digital release, writer Brian Wood has summed up the very hard rock and very rocky hard place that we all find ourselves in. While acknowledging that no one wants to see their local comics shop go under, he says for creators, it is a rough time with big question marks everywhere:

Dark Horse clarifies day and date policy

Evidently, due to some misunderstandings, Dark Horse CEO Mike Richardson has released a statement regarding the publisher’s imminent switch to simultaneous print and digital release: digital comics will be priced at $2.99 for the first month, dropping to the standard price of $1.99 after that.

You can read the statement below. While it’s obvious that keeping DH’s retail partners from mutiny is part of these decisions — DH also has a jacked-up digital price for a one month window — it presupposes that the print and digital audiences are the same. There isn’t really any evidence that this is the case right now.

However, in the short term, digital sales will continue to be seen as a direct competitor to print. Like we said, we understand the concerns on both sides.