Webcomic alert: Ward Sutton's DIARY OF A WIMPY PRESIDENT

With this week’s release of the biggest GN of the year, the 500K print run WIMPY KID IN CABIN FEVER, Ward Sutton has combined two huge news topics for “Diary of a Wimpy President” which is available at the BostonGlobe.com , but only if you are a member of the site. Which will cost you 99¢, which all things considered, is pretty cheap for an online newspaper. Let’s not be cheapskates here, people.

But for those without access, here’s a peek.

Mike Perkins draws 6-page comic for Apparatjik World

In our tableted world, it’s only a matter of time before a multimedia magazine with embedded videos and animations and music and all becomes all the rage and changes our culture forever. Just like they did when CD-ROMs were all the rage*…only those were just ahead of the platform curve. Eisner- and Harvey Award-nominated artist Mike Perkins emailed us to explain that he has a 6-page comic strip in one such magazine, Apparatjik World, which has a preview issue available for free download on the iPad. This one centers around the band Apparatjik, which consists of bassist Guy Berryman from Coldplay, guitarist/keyboardist Magne Furuholmen from A-ha, singer/guitarist Jonas Bjerre of Mew and producer Martin Terefe.


More Godzilla comics coming their way from IDW, via a five-issue GODZILLA LEGENDS mini-series, which focused on various kaiju, like Anguirus, Rodan and so on. And covers by Art Adams, because you can’t do monsters with Art Adams. (The art shown here is by Bob Eggleton, however.) The first issue is on sale today.