24 Hours of Halloween: Chernabog


Must survive until daybreak!

24 Hours of Halloween: Hellboy

Let’s face it, nothing says Halloween like Hellboy by Mike Mignola.

24 Hours of Halloween: "Ghost Town" by the Specials

At a time of similar hopelessness and when people are actually asking if Brutalist architecture contributed to the UK Riots, it’s good to revisit this classic from the Specials. When I first watched this video I thought it was a modern remake as it looks so current and timeless, but apparently it’s from 1981, and directed by the late Barney Bubbles, a designer who killed himself a few years later.

24 Hours of Halloween: MARGOT'S ROOM by Emily Carroll

If Heidi Klum is the queen of Halloween costumes, Emily Carroll is now the queen of Halloween webcomics. Following last year’s “His Face All Red
Carroll has created MARGOT’S ROOM, an interactive comic that is guaranteed to give you the creeps.

Read the poem on the first page and then click in the proper order on the main image…if you read this after dark we DARE you not to feel a chill.

24 Hours of Halloween: Scaredcited by Lucy Knisley


A crowd sourced Halloween comic

Anyway, this is a two-page comic, chock full of guest appearances. I really love these “comics crowdsourcing” experiments. I asked my twitter followers (LucyKnisley) to send me a deep fear of theirs along with their photo in order to incorporate them into the second page. It’s sort-of auto-bio-for-everyone. If you lent your fear and portrait to attend the big “House that is Haunted,” thank you so much! It was really fun and challenging to draw everyone (sorry if I forgot your coloring exactly when it came time to color the enormous page). One thing that struck me as I was drawing out the page was that so many of us share specific fears. Drawing everyone in a place where we all faced our fears was really comforting. At least we’re all in it together.

24 Hours of Halloween: MR MURDER IS DEAD

Writer Victor Quinaz and illustrator Brent Schoonover, the creative team behind the recent Archaia and Before the Door graphic novel, Mr. Murder Is Dead, have created a brand-new strip just for Halloween.

MR. MURDER IS DEAD, published by Archaia, is a “who didn’t do it” set in the fading world of Golden Age comic strips “A criminal’s lament to all things past, present and meaningless.”

Mr Murder is Dead HC Cover.jpg

Click for a larger version.

24 Hours of Halloween: "Raw Head and Bloody Bones"


Cullen Bunn and Drew Moss have collaborated on a short comic from the Crooked Hills universe. The comic is part of a longer project being compiled for 2012.

Bonus: An interview with Bunn at The Outhousers.

24 Hours of Halloween: Knights of the Living Dead

Download the first issue of Knights of the Living Dead by Ron Wolfe and Dustin Higgins (Pinnochio Vampire Slayer) FREE from SLG. King Arthur vs the Zombies? Why not!

The dead have risen and they are walking in the time of King Arthur’s Round Table,  and one knight cursed with the “Walking Starvation” is one very close to Arthur and his court. So goes the premise of the new comic book series Knights of the Living Dead by Ron Wolfe and Dustin Higgins.

Knights of the Living Dead goes beyond its zombie comic mash-up exterior to present a a Young Adult adventure tale that goes deep into the essence of what it means to be human.  “When Ron Wolfe first showed me his short story, Knights of the Living Dead I immediately loved it.” said Dustin Higgins, who is no stranger to stories featuring the undead as the co-creator and illustrator of SLG’s Pinocchio Vampire Slayer “Ron continues to surprise me with his stories that seem to pull at you like quicksand.”

Wolfe crafted his monsters to beyond the surface frights and steeped them in a central message.  In Knights of the Living Dead the message might be that, if you’re waiting for someone else to come along and save the day – don’t. Zombies aren’t after us: Zombies are in charge of us.”

Knights of the Living Dead is being serialized digitally as part of SLG Publishing’s digital first initiative and Wolfe, a newspaper writer by trade, supports the idea of making initial inroads through digital distribution “SLG’s digital-release plan makes sense. It extends the market with the latest technology to reach the newest generation of readers.”

As the artist of the series Higgins sees other advantages to digital “Knights of the Living Dead is my first attempt at drawing an entire book digitally. So when people purchase the book to read on their computer, or iPad or other device of choice they are, in a sense, looking at the originals… as much as they exist.” he also went on to point out the potential benefit to consumers “You get the story at a much cheaper price than you would the print version and if you decide the story is awesome enough you’d like to have a physical copy, you can still get that at some point”.

Knights of the Living Dead is currently available at the SLG Publishing digital store in three formats ePub, .cbz and .pdf (www.slgcomic.com/eyemelt) as well as at the iTunes store and will be coming soon to Comixology, iVerse and Graphicly for sale through those readers as well as to BN.com for Nook and Nook Color. Issue #1 is a free download, each subsequent issue will be 99¢.

24 Hours of Halloween: Cute Boys of the '80s! — Horror division by Abby Denson

Abby Denson covers the half-shirted cute boys of the 80s, in a Tumblr blog that includes some horror icons like Udo Kier in BLOOD OF DRACULA and Johnny Depp in A NIGTHMARE ON ELM STREET. But here we see Corey Feldman from THE LOST BOYS, which as we revealed on Twitter today, we only saw for the very first time this weekend. Yes we had never seen “Death by stereo!” and the Two Croey’s greatest moments, as well as one of the most titanic assemblage of cute gothy boys in one film EVER. WHY DID WE WAIT SO LONG??!!?!??!?

24 Hours of Halloween: Rhode Montijo

The artist has collected all his Halloween art in one big post. Enjoy!

Introducing: TRIP CITY


It’s kinda comics for the people involved. TRIP CITY is a new art salon/web site that features many Brooklyn-based creative peeps including cartoonists. PR below.

TRIP CITY is a Brooklyn-filtered literary arts salon launching November 1st, 2011 at WelcomeToTripCity.com. The multimedia website features free content curated by a host of creative heavyweights. “TRIP CITY reinvents the online arts collective with a virtual playground for a diverse set of accomplished and highly individualistic creators,” says Emmy Award winning cartoonist and TRIP CITY founder, Dean Haspiel, “spanning every borough of artistic endeavor from the visual arts to literature, music, video and beyond.”

TRIP CITY is the exclusive home of united individuals exploring new media to achieve a modern salon. Brooklyners Dean Haspiel (Billy Dogma, Bored to Death), Seth Kushner (The Brooklynites, CulturePOP Photocomix), Chris Miskiewicz (Everywhere), and Jeffrey Burandt aka Jef UK (Americans UK), will release exclusive content at TRIP CITY, combining avenues of expression such as podcasts and profiles, including upcoming portraits and exclusive interviews with Jonathan Ames, Marc Maron, Ben Katchor, Michael Moore, Henry Rollins, Dan Goldman, and Moby. Additionally, a fellowship of regular contributors will provide their original voices to TRIP CITY, including, Joe Infurnari (MUSH! Sled Dogs with Issues, Marathon), Nick Bertozzi (The Salon, Lewis & Clark), Jennifer Hayden (Underwire), Nick Abadzis (Laika), Jen Ferguson (Art in Chaos), Ron Scalzo (Bald Freak Music), Amy Finkel (Furever), Kevin Colden [Fishtown], and The Perv Whisperer (The Perv Whisperer).

TRIP CITY is a digital experience with future plans to take some of the content and perform it live on the road. “Working with so many Brooklyn locals, we have this great sense of community right out of the gate,” says Jef UK. “Then, when we take the next step and turn TRIP CITY into a live event—which is in the works—our tribe is already gathered, so to speak.”

The TRIP CITY launch will feature Dean Haspiel’s “Bring Me The Heart Of Billy Dogma,” Seth Kushner’s CulturePOP Photocomix profile of Bored To Death’s Jonathan Ames, Chris Miskiewicz & Kate McElroy’s “Adrift,” Jef Uk’s “The Better Head,” Joe Infurnari’s “Memoirs of the Kid Immortal,” Nick Bertozzi’s “Lad Zeppelin,” Jennifer Hayden’s “S’Crapbook,” Nick Abadzis’ “Suburban Stories,” Jen Ferguson’s “Metrollpolis,” Kevin Colden’s “Baby With A Mohawk,” Ron Scalzo’s “A Dozen Movies That Scared The Shit Out Of Me, Revisited” featuring PSYCHO with an illustration by Rick Parker, and the inaugural TRIP CITY Podcast highlighting a round table interview with the TRIP CITY founders, Chris Miskiewicz’ New York Comicon 2011 report, Ron Scalzo’s “Ronnie’s Story,” graphic novelist, Dan Goldman’s exclusive interview with filmmaker, Michael Moore, and the Americans UK’s single “You Can’t Kill The Americans UK.”

24 Hours of Halloween: Rob Berry


The ULYSSES SEEN artist passes along a poster he made for a Philadelphia theater company. “Their programming this year includes an old Radio show (with local actors and a foley sound-effects artist) as well as a dramatic-yet-hillarious reading from TOMB OF DRACULA #10. Great fun for all ages and, as you can see, something I really enjoy taking part in,” Berry writes.

24 Hours of Halloween: FLESH AND BLOOD by Tinnell, Vokes and Brereton

Monsterverse presents another anthology, FLESH AND BLOOD a four-book new series of mature horror graphic novels written by Robert Tinnell and illustrated by Neil D. Vokes. Book One has a cover by Dan Brereton.

FLESH AND BLOOD Volume One begins with the bloody destruction of the legendary vampire, the darkly seductive Carmilla. Her death ignites an epic firestorm of events that draws the greatest icons of Gothic horror into battle across the lush backdrop of 19th century Europe. At the center of this ghastly conflict Baron Victor Frankenstein is forced to merge his diabolical scientific prowess with the black arts of a terrifying supernatural world. This unholy war between light and darkness will not be measured in months or years but across centuries of horror and devastation until one force reigns triumphant. Vampires, werewolves and scientific monsters are unleashed like nothing seen before in film, comics or literature.

Much more here.

Ted McKeever's MONDO debuts in January

Continuing his pageant of quirky heroes and bizarre adventures, Ted McKeever has a new three-issue miniseries coming out this January called MONDO. The story deals with Catfish, a chicken-farm worker who gains strange powers and takes on even stranger foes. We’re sold. More in PR:

This January, Ted McKeever will be introducing the world to MONDO, his new three issue miniseries from Shadowline and Image Comics, in all its raging glory!

Though McKeever has worked on titles for Marvel and DC, including Spiderman and Doom Patrol, he is best known for his independent, creator-owned works such as TRANSIT, EDDY CURRENT, METROPOL, and the recent META 4. McKeever has been a cult favorite in the comics industry since the 1980’s, an uncompromising one man comics team, consistently creating smart and uniquely twisted comics with a gritty, subliminal quality to their black and white inked pages. His work is often executed in mixed media, creating layers as rich and dirty as the stories themselves, and McKeever’s new MONDO will be no different.

“Compared to my other work, I think fans will easily be able to tell this is my work,” said McKeever. “And I have definitely not held back at all in this one!”

“McKeever kicks it out again with mind-blowing imagery, wild characters and multi-layered concepts,” says Shadowline publisher Jim Valentino. “He never disappoints and MONDO will be counted as one of his best yet.”

MONDO begins with Catfish’s daily grind of “enhancing” poultry, but all that comes to a halt when he is accidentally tripped up by a loose chicken, causing him to fall victim to his own process. What proportions of his that were once human are now beyond anything normal! Add villainous corporate and military big wigs, a roller-skating weapon-toting chick named Kitten Kaboodle, a gang of tattooed babies, an enormous beach monster… and you have Ted McKeever’s MONDO!

MONDO #1 (NOV110366), a 32-page Golden Age format black and white comic book for $3.99, will be on sale in stores and digital platforms on January 4, and is available for order now in the November issue of Previews.

24 Hours of Halloween: John Kenn

When he isn’t making TV shows for kids, John Kenn does spectacular monsters drawings on post-it notes.


24 Hours of Halloween: Bizarre Magazine, March 1962