Disney gung ho for Marvel, all the way to D23– UPDATED

With Disney’s D23 Expo coming up in a few days, the Mouse is priming the pump for some possible Marvel-related announcements. At the Television Critics Association press tour, ABC president Paul Lee confirmed that the AKA Jessica Jones and Guillermo del Toro=produced Hulk pilots are still in the works, saying both were being “aggressively” developed. He also dropped some arcane hints about…Castle?

Garfield creator fears software could put him out of business

Those who find the comic strip Garfield the apotheosis of soul-sucking banality in the comics will no doubt be pleased by this press release in which creator Jim Davis frets that a new software that allows children to easily import images, manipulate them and even add sound effects will put him out of business.

“Back in my day we had only pencils and paper. This new software is like adding a jet pack to creativity. Kids can craft characters and backgrounds and tell a story with such ease and speed that I’m a little worried I might be out of a job soon.”

But in a surprise twist, it turns out this software is licensed by Davis himself!

Apple censors underground comics classics

While we were linking to the previous Michael Dooley articles, we found another one from Comic-Con, an interview with Kim Munson, whose Comix Classics: Underground Comics app for iPhone, iPad, and Android hard a hard time getting approved. The app is a survey of classic underground comics art with images from S. Clay Wilson, Reed Waller, Denis Kitchen and more. The pictures are quite dirty — we struggled to find one to post with this piece before settling on Jimmy Durante by Drew Friedman — but nothing that isn’t legal and available in other places. However, Apple, the electronic middleman, has other ideas: