THE LEGAL VIEW: Super-style and the DCU Relaunch

Judging from the images released so far, it would appear that the relaunched versions of Superman and Superboy will be different from previous versions. Superman will no longer be wearing red shorts over his blue tights, and his belt, boots and S-symbol have also undergone notable alterations. Somewhat more dramatically, Superboy is sporting a black shirt and pants, a black-and-white S-shield mini-cape attached to his back, and a stylized red S-shield tattoo. It also appears that both characters will have significant changes in their continuity, most notably Superman’s age and his relationship with Lois Lane.

This changes in the Superman costume are in themselves not likely to provide a solid foundation for erasing the Siegel heirs’ ownership interest. However, the costume changes and other shifts in continuity are consistent with DC’s arguments for limiting what the Siegels now own.  

Legendary Comics debuts with Frank Miller’s HOLY TERROR in September

In the white hot days following the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, a lot of art was planned and some executed. One near legendary project was Frank Miller’s Holy Terror, Batman, which was just what it sounded like…the Batman taking on the terrorists. With Miller’s increasingly right-wing views, it was expected to be a real barn burner.

However, it turned out to be a little too hot for DC– as did the project’s editor Bob Schreck, who left for IDW and now a start-up line at Legendary Pictures. With a main character recast as “The Fixer,” the book is now planned to come out this September, in time for the 10th anniversary of a day most people would rather forget.

The Legendary Comics line has been quietly ramping up for some time — a publishing arm for Legendary Pictures, the powerhouse production company behind the Batman movies, The THE HANGOVER, and many more films. Editor Schreck was seen hanging around the Comics Pavillion at BEA with new assistant editor Greg Tumbarello, and the imprint is busy setting up a distribution deal yet to be announced.

Haney and Connell to receive Finger Award

Bob Haney and Del Connell are the writers selected to received this year’s Finger Award. The Finger Award is presented each year to writers, one living, one dead, who for whatever reason, have not received the recognition they should have for their creative efforts. It’s named for Bill Finger, who created much of the Batman mythos we see today while Bob Kane got the credit.

Why I just don’t get Green Lantern

As the film GREEN LANTERN opens nationwide, a segment of the population, mostly male, is wildly excited because their favorite superhero is finally getting a lavish and respectful big screen treatment. Yes the reviews have been mixed, but under the watchful eye of Lantern’s flamekeeper Geoff Johns, the whole mythology has been faithfully brought to the screen in expansive CGI splendor.

For the Lantern fans out there—and there are many — this is a treat. But are they really a cult within a cult, as this Onion video suggests?

I admit to being completely unable to answer this question myself; I’m completely immune to the Lantern’s power, and I find this highly puzzling.

Everyone’s life has gaps, memory holes that remain a mystery. In my case, one such example is learning to swim. One moment, I seem to recall, I was learning how to float as a tot. The next I’m a full grown adult standing on the beach and afraid of the water. Something must have happened…but what?