Slave Labor joins iVerse

Meanwhile Slave Labor, the long-running quirky comics publisher which has survived against all odds for over 20 years, has just teamed with iVerse to offer digital comics. We’ll vouch for MIDNIGHT SUN by Ben Towle, one of those Antarctic comics we’re so fond of, and the other initial offerings are sounds, as well, including the popular REX LIBRIS.

Win Green Lantern tickets and a Green Lantern Hex watch band

There are a lot of Green Lantern merch tie-ins out there, and here’s a cool one, a Hex sport watch band suitable for ipod Nano. It isn’t actually a Green Lantern licensed product…but it’s the right color. You can win this or a pair of tickets to see Green Lantern by going to the ShopHex Facebook page and answering some questions. Today’s quiz: “IF YOUR HEX WATCH COULD GIVE YOU ANY SUPERPOWER, WHAT WOULD IT BE?”

Comics sales back in the dumps in May

Although both sales charts seemed to show incremental gains in March and April for comics periodical sales, everything at the top seems to have slid bay in May ICv2 reports. Comics sales were down a whopping 17.3% and NO comic — not even the debut of DC’s highly touted FLASHPOINT mini – topping 100k copies sold. Although FLASHPOINT did very well in reorders, the low initial orders show that event fatigue is very real where comics retailers are concerned.