Don't Forget: HEROESCON! this weekend

In all the ruckus we have forgotten to talk about the show that is probably, if pressed, my very favorite show of the year, or at least ONE of my very most favorite: HeroesCon, in Charlotte. As always Shelton Drum and his crew — now aided by the maestro, Rico Renzi — throw the best damn comic party you can imagine, a three day fest of art, comics, dinner, panels, sketches, strolling, grits and everything else enjoyable you can imagine.

DC announces digital pricing strategy: "Price parity"

Good news! Turns out DC isn’t trying to destroy the direct sales market with their “Flashboot” — or whatever it’s called — relaunch after all! And it is a relaunch, not a reboot, according to a letter sent by SVP of Sales Bob Wayne to retailers, announcing a pricing strategy that will see digital comics at the SAME price as print comics for their first four weeks of release. Wayne calls this “price parity” — “ No DC digital comic will be cheaper than its physical counterpart at launch.” The Johns/Lee JLA #1 will be available with a digital download for $4.99, in print and digital only for $3.99 each.

DC announces first 10 new books: Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Mister Terrific, etc.

The Source break loose and reveals ten new books and creative teams. And notably, it’s basically the same sort of teams we’ve been seeing for quite a while, but mostly much respected creators.

Surely the most Tumbl’rd comic will be a NEW character book featuring a character who is non-white: MISTER TERRIFIC, by Eric Wallace and Roger Robinson. .

The biggest news of the week: HARK! A VAGRANT cover

D&Q has revealed the cover to Hark! a Vagrant their Kate Beaton collection. Just the other day, The Beat and another industry observer were chatting about this and that and we observed that no one does a comics author tour like D&Q. The fantastic response to the Chester Brown tour being an example of that. Fantagraphics is the only company that even comes close.