Friday special: Love @ Crumb

As a Spring Friday afternoon unspools, no one is thinking about the internet or comic books, but rather the most primary and wonderful thoughts of all, and this Craig’s list posting about a missed connection at the R. Crumb exhibit at the Society of Illustrators, says it all. Hit the link for the WHOLE story:

Con Wars: Wizard World redoubles efforts on the Western Front, fires accountant

Since Tokyopop all but got wiped from the map, an informal “cadaver derby” for comics publishers has sprung up in chat rooms and bars of the comics biz. One name frequently heard: Wizard. So let’s see what’s going on in the Shamus Empire, shall we?

Dark Horse app: What's working, what's selling

The Dark Horse comics app has been live for 48 hours and the reviews are starting to come in as is some info on what’s selling.

While you can’t get sales figures from Apple, they do list a running top ten of in-app purchases for all commercial apps. Here are the DH best sellers as of about noon today:

TCAF — the video

It’s pretty obvious that next week’s Toronto Comic Arts Festival is going to be he most awesome show of the year. And just to back that up. here’s an awesome preview video featuring Chester Brown, Michael Comeau, Steve Charles Manale, Vicki Nerino, Michael Cho, Michael DeForge, Seth, Fiona Smyth + Britt Wilson.

Tokyopop updates: Who owns what

A couple of updates on the dispersion of various Tokyopop books, print and digital.

Friday cat blogging: Roberta Gregory's True Cat Toons

This is what the internet was made for