Stan Lee speaks out on genitals?

This Vanity Fairinterview with Stan Lee is FULL of awesomeness, and shows that Lee can still turn a quip like a young man of 70. But the bit that is getting the most excitement this day is the part where Stan answers the question he dodged in MALLRATS all those years ago — the one about whether the Thing’s junk was made of orange rock. Only they didn’t call it junk back then–they called it a dork!

Odelay: Roger Langridge's Muppets aborted once again

History repeats itself as one more Roger Langridge’s Muppet comics have been put in the vault by a business move.

Fans of his near-universally acclaimed run on Boom’s Muppet franchise may recall that his run on the beloved puppets began as a strip for Disney Adventures magazine, which was cancelled before the strips could run. Langridge made a few mini comics which he furtively handed out at cobs and the legend of the strips greatness grew. Result: when Boom got the license a call went out.

The Spider-Man show must go on without Taymor

Someday, we predict, someone will write an opera about the Spider-Man musical, which will be all about immensely talented egos, wasted money and mythic archetypes; it will be the Nixon in China for those days.

Seriously, how could you have predicted the scene when fucking BONO would have to step out in front of a theatrical group and take the reins as creative leader, saying they had to move forward without the director he himself had chosen?

Kibbles 'n' Chunks — 3/10/11

Whew, a lot to catch up on, so here’s a major link-dump. § Dept. of Tokyopop: More background has been coming out about how the Borders situation impacted the latest downsizing at the manga publisher. Calvin Reid has an in-depth “Rise and Fall of Tokyopop” piece that includes a long conversation with CEO Stuart Levy. […]