Borders update: Can't pay the rent

In today’s Borders Death Watch™ News the troubled chain is suspending payments to vendors and landlords.

Watch the Guardian Project baffle an arena full of hockey fans

Looks like the NHL is pretty serious about these Stan Lee/Neal Adams superheroes. Above is the 2nd intermission show that was put on complete with video projections, a guy in a costume, a mysterious villain, and narration by Stan “The Man” Lee himself.

Grassroots creators support campaign begins

No wonder that creators are getting a little more vocal about the importance of creator-owned material. Eric Powell’s controversial video got things going, but itself was a response to a week-long tweet storm by writer Steve Niles who blogged recently What’s all this Creator-Owned Talk?

Modern children at the modern newsstand

If there’s one thing comics bloggers love, it’s those old B&W photos from Life Magazine showing kids reading comics–proof of a simpler time when children read things, bananas were a vegetable, and your real father dropped off a bottle of milk at your mom’s house every day. Well, recently on the LA Times Southern California Moments feature of reader-submitted photos we came across what looks to be a contemporary example of the genre:

Kibbles 'n' Bits — 1/31/11

More in Wizard, the forgotten history of Top spot, the future of comics shops, an Frank Santoro’s excellent adventure.

RIP: Jeff Alexander

Jeff Alexander, a mainstay of the DC comics scene and former Executive Director of SPX, died suddenly over the weekend of a heart attack. He’s survived by his fiance, Erika. Shocked remembrances poured out: