DC announces editorial moves; Berganza, Sattler promoted

Via the Source, DC Editor-in-chief Bob Harras has announced the new structure of the DCU, with long time editor Eddie Berganza getting promoted from group editor to Executive Editor. Group Editors Matt Idelson and Mike Marts will oversee the Superman and Batman groups, respectively, while Ian Sattler has been promoted to Director–Editorial, Special Projects & Archival Editions. The post doesn’t go into details of what that will cover, but since Harras left running the recently downsized reprint department, it sounds like Sattler will be taking that over. The editorial team is rounded out by Vertigo’s Karen Berger and MAD’s John Ficarra— it isn’t clear if they are reporting to Harras or not, nut in any event they will be working closely.

Blame it on RIO Comicon: The JahFurry Recap

From November 9th to 14th, I had the honor and pleasure (duh) of being a Guest of the RIO Comicon, the first comics convention in Rio de Janeiro since 1993. The seven-day arty/indie comics fest took place at the Leopoldina Central Station, a cavernous former railway station, built in 1925, the sheer grandness of which lent the proceedings an epic surreality. Also instantly impressive was the mindful 360° design of the space. U.S. con-runners take note: art direction matters! From a cheerfully pervasive purple and orange color-scheme, to an upliftingly exquisite superbly-curated art exhibition of international masters & independent Brazilian artists, to a specially-constructed “castle” showcasing Italian living legend Milo Manara’s art, guests and artists alike were transported upon arrival.

Diamond announces 2011 Free Comic Book Day Gold Sponsors

All-ages licensed material dominates next year’s Gold Sponsor Free Comic Book Day offerings on May 7th. Believe it or not, 2011 is the 10th anniversary of the unofficial comic book holiday, and this year the top level publishers are providing stories of such icons as Spider-Man and Betty and Veronica, along with newer favorites such as MOUSE GUARD and AVATAR THE LAST AIRBENDER.

Clowes' The Death-Ray coming from D&Q in 2011

One of Dan Clowes’ most admired works — EIGHTBALL #23, aka “The Death Ray” has been out of print for a while, but rumors of a new edition have been confirmed with the announcement that a hardcover edition is forthcoming from Drawn & Quarterly in fall 2011. The story of a misfit with a dangerous weapon, it represents, perhaps, Clowes’ most complete statement on the tradition of fantasy comics from which his earliest works emerged. Unsurprisingly, it’s under development by Jack Black’s production company, with video director Chris Milk attached to direct.