Another culprit for declining comics sales….too much internet buzz?

Over at iFanboy, Josh Flanagan continues this week’s succession of toilet metaphors for the monthly sales figures with “Q3 Comic Book Sales Are in the Crapper”. We don’t agree with Flanagan’s overall distress — there is no need to “cross fingers” that comics will get through this rough patch. Let’s get one things straight in all this mishegoss: comics will continue on in some format either like or unlike the one we have today. Period. People have been proclaiming the death of comics for over 50 years and something new always comes along. The particular aspect of the present day comics industry that you or I are involved with may not make the jump but something else will. Them’s the breaks.

That aside, the article is interesting for the comments section, which doesn’t go for the knee-jerk complaint that big events are killing comics.

Lo, there shall come a Bombur

We haven’t been covering the Hobbit movie drama because it was just too….dramatic. Despite everyone being a total wanker and trying to prevent a Hobbit movie from actually being made, it seems that Peter Jackson & Co. are set to start filming two films back to back in February… Somewhere. A dispute involving the New Zealand acting union was quickly resolved when Jackson threatened to move the production — however, the studio was so pissed off that they might still move the two Hobbit films to a more hospitable location. Common sense would say “You’ve already GOT Hobbiton and Rivendell in New Zealand” but…we shall see.

Meanwhile casting is moving right along! Lets see who we have here.