How almost to: Embedding comics

Gareth Hinds is a very accomplished artist (and former Xeric winner) whose comics adaptations of classic literature have found a home at Candlewick Press. His full color Odyssey adaptation just came out, and there’s a nice story about it in today’s PW.

While we were looking around for some art to illustrate the story, we came on Hinds’ own page for the book and were struck by the “embeddable comics preview” on the page, which he said was developed by Candlewick:

Candlewick has released a short preview, using some new “widget” technology which enables it to be easily embedded in any blog or webpage. There are still a few rough spots in the implementation, but it’s pretty handy. See below — and feel free to repost it elsewhere!

How to: PR with Nathalie Atkinson

This piece byNathalie Atkinson on proper PR behavior has been widely quoted. Working for a widely read consumer publication — The National Post of Toronto — Atkinson definitely gets more annoying followup than the average comics journo, but her suggestions stand — basically, don’t be a jerk. And don’t send images in CMYK or pdf […]

The Ladies Comics Project wraps up — what have we learned?

Over at She Has No Head, Kelly Thompson’s market research project The Ladies Comics Projects reaches its third and final part with another selection of women of varying ages and comics-reading backgrounds who give detailed thoughts about comics they have selected to read. Some express enthusiasm in continued comics exploration but others are just not that into it — but the percentage of each goes against the common wisdom, as Thompson sums up her findings: