31 Days of Halloween: Andrea Tsurumi

Yep, it’s that time of year again! And we already have so many awesome contributions we may have to to do more than one picture a day just to keep up. But please keep the links and art coming.

We kick off this year’s festivities with Andrea Tsurumi‘s 13 Witches project. According to her website, Tsurumi is an illustrator/cartoonist who is part of the Tapir Tooth comics collective, and creator of the webcomic TERKA.

What's up at: Universal

You know Disney and WB have comic book companies, and Fox and Paramount have dabbled with their own comics in the past, but what about Universal? They’re putting out at least one comics-y type thing, even if it’s coming out from their Universal Studios branch as part of Halloween hoopla. Vampyre: Castle of the Undead (Blood Secrets of the Iron Guard), is not only the longest title ever but also the first graphic novella to be based on a Halloween theme park maze, we’re told. Patrick Ian Moore is listed as artist.

What's up at: Sea Lion Books

How many Dabel brothers are there? While Les and Ernst are familiar from their various imprints at publishers around town, there’s also Pascal and David Dabel, and they have launched their own publishing house called Sea Lion Press, which is set to publish YA books by well-known authors including Paulo Coelho, Richelle Mead and Richard A. Knaak. They’ll be at New York Comic-Con to promote a new series of comics based on Mead’s bestselling Dark Swan series, starting with STORM BORN, the story of freelance shaman Eugenie Markham, who fights strange creatures from a place called the Otherworld. Mead is also the author of the bestselling Vampire Academy books, for those without access to a teen-age reader.

To do 10/1: Highwater Books Art Show

Right Thing The Wrong Way: Included will be various works by the core artists involved in the development of Highwater Books (Brian Ralph, Megan Kelso, Ron Rege, Jordan Crane, Greg Cook, Jef Czekaj, Marc Bell, Kurt Wolfgang), some of the work will be new some will be originals pages from their published work. Though not […]

San Diego triumphs in the battle of the convention bureaus

As announced last evening, CCI: San Diego’s board, despite intense wooing from other cities, has decided to keep Comic-Con in San Diego. The announcement has been met with generally universal relief thus far. Yes, we moan, we complain, but exchanging the city of San Diego’s mild temperatures and convenient layout for the bland boulevards of Anaheim or gang-infested alleys of Los Angeles wouldn’t have really been much of an improvement. It isn’t much of a surprise, really — things had been going this way for a while and it was very clear that the board wanted to stay in San Diego.