A Whole Lotta Shaking?

A year ago, two major events happened in the world of comics -– it was dubbed The 10 Days That Shook the World. On August 29, 2009 it was announced that Marvel was being acquired by Disney. A few short days later on September 9, DC Comics became DC Entertainment. It was also announced that Paul Levitz -– who had been at DC for some 37 years — would be stepping down. The world held its breath to see what would happen next. There were big changes brewing at the big two. How would Disney and Warner Bros. change the face of comic book publishing as we know it?

How to post a comment on The Beat

We are still having problems where people’s private emails are visible on the site. It’s a very, very weird problem, evidently related to our use of Supercache to alleviate the GPU problem. We’re actually in the process of moving to a new server. I tried turning off comments, but that doesn’t work either.

What I would recommend to people who don’t want their private emails available to the next few posters is to use a dummy email for now. The way the controls are presently set, there is no technical reason to post a working email. I will of course continue to monitor comments and remove asshats, so this is not carte blanche to go nutso.

2010 Lulu Award nominees announced

Nominees for the 2010 Lulu Awards, recognizing “the people and projects that helped to open eyes and minds to the amazing comic and cartooning work by and/or about women” have been announced. Voting is open to the public at this link, with the voting deadline September 27th. The awards will be presented at the Long […]

Cartoon Books moves to PGW

Another tweak in the ongoing book distribution shifting: Cartoon Books, Jeff Smith’s company and publisher of the 1 Volume BONE and RASL books, is moving from Diamond Book Distributors to PGW.

The move affects only Cartoon Books’ returnable sales — direct sales will continue to be offered through Diamond Distribution.

Recently out from cartoon Books: RASL POCKET EDITION #1, collecting issues 1-7 of the story of a dimension-jumping art thief. Good reading.