Remembering Harvey

It would have pleased Harvey Pekar, I think, that his passing yesterday was noted in every media outlet from the New Yorker to EW, and not just because they made a movie about him, but as a literary figure of worth and stature. Harvey’s life’s work was in showing that the ordinary was important, and a working class existence was not a prison but a journey through the profound and beautiful that anyone could experience if they took the time. He found that beauty in simple, quotidian things and experiences that others might have found trivial or mundane, but in the end his message was that what else is there? Life as it is lived is the most precious gift of all.

True Blood Recap: Drip, drip, drip…

Season 3/Episode 4: 9 Crimes 9 Crimes unsurprisingly opens with a scene of Sookie cleaning a shirtless Alcide’s wounds.  Maybe I’m not remembering correctly, but I don’t recall him sustaining severe chest wounds when he got into it with the Operation Werewolf Crew at Lou Pines last episode but, no matter, he’s shirtless!  Dude has […]