Today’s giveaway is one of the all-time comics classics, Jeff Smith’s Bone: Out from Boneville, volume 1 of the Bone saga. Fone Bone, Phoney Bone and Smiley, the Bone cousins, find themselves exiled from their hometown and off on the adventure of a lifetime that will involve cow races, dragons, prophecies, stupid stupid rat creatures […]

BEA kicks off; CBLDF party poop

 BookExpo America is kicking off today at the Javits Center with a day of panels and roundtables The exhibit floor opens tomorrow. Image Comics and other Diamond publishers will be on hand, and there will be signings by folks like Todd McFarlane. The partying kicks off tonight with the CBLDF BEA Welcome Party,which, we’re told, […]

Behind the comics: The last days of Stephen Perry

A lot more information is coming out regarding the presumed murder of former comics and animation writer Stephen Perry. And it is sad and disturbing. Tampa Bay has a jailhouse interview with Perry’s ex-roomie, a confirmed OxyContin addict, and the unflattering picture he paints of Perry is unconvincing.

Someone at DC really, really hated CMX

Comics, wake up! The call is coming from inside the house!

Nerd pantheon to make Comic-Con doc

With Comic-Con’s rise in the popular imaginaion over the last decade, we’ve heard many folks mutter over the years “I need to write a screenplay about Comic-con!” If you have been working on such a script, it is time to quietly set it aside and start working on that oil spill comedy you had been pondering. In keeping with the times, Comic-Con will be the subject of a geekumentary by Morgan Spurlock (Super-Size Me) following the fan’s journey of seven con attendees. But Spurlock’s not going it alone, because that would be too much for any man.

RIP Howard Post

On Monday Mark Evanier reported the death of cartooning vet Howard Post. Post had worked as a writer and artist on just about every funny comic book character from the ’40s on, including Harvey (he probably created Spooky and Little Hot Stuff), DC (Bob Hope, Martin and Lewis, and creating Anthro), Marvel (in 1953 and […]

More on the rise and fall of manga

Rich Johnson’s thoughtful post on the Manga Era of comics has drawn some equally thoughtful responses. Brigid Alverson found much to agree with, but also took issue with some of Johnson’s conclusions, including the importance of piracy: