Art Attack: Joost Swarte covers The New Yorker

Until a bigger version of this shows up, it will have to do. This is, to our knowledge, the first New Yorker cover to feature a cow’s bung emitting greenhouse gases front and center.

More on Viz and the future of manga

Ever since the cutbacks at Viz on Monday, the online chatter has been surprisingly quiet. People close to the situation have mainly been in shock, and while the idea that Viz is “too big to fail” has been foremost among American manga commenters, we’re sure we’re not the only ones whose thoughts — after sending […]

Corey Lewis’s SEEDLESS

Image has just released information on a new Corey Lewis concoction — this time a saga of garden fruits and the aliens who look like them: Just when you thought it was safe to go to the supermarket for a bag of grapes, Corey Lewis (Sharknife, Peng) reminds us that aliens could be anywhere in […]

Video moment: Bronte Sister Power Dolls

If I lived in a world where this was real, I’d be so happy. In truth, it is a fake commercial by Phil Lord and Chris Miller made in 1998 for a series of educational shorts about action figures based on historical figures. It was never aired. Thank god for YouTube.

Notes from all over

Updates on Viz, Frazetta, Gaiman and all new stuff too!