Frank Frazetta 1928-2010

frank_frazetta_thebarbarian.jpg UPDATE: We are sad to confirm via Frazetta’s agent Robert Pistella that the artist passed away this afternoon in a hospital near his home. The cause of death was a stroke. Funeral arrangements will be announced shortly.

2010 Doug Wright Award winners

As the featured event of the 2010 Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF), which is being held at the Toronto Reference Library, the evening also featured a moving tribute to pioneering Canadian cartoonist Martin Vaughn-James, who was posthumously inducted into The Giants of the North, The Canadian Cartoonist Hall of Fame, in a talk delivered by cartoonist Kate Beaton. The winners were decided by a jury comprised of Matt Forsythe (editor of, winner of the 2009 Pigskin Peters Award for Ojingogo), Geoff Pevere (Toronto Star book critic; author of Mondo Canuck,) Fiona Smyth (artist; cartoonist) and Carl Wilson (editor/writer Globe and Mail, author of Let’s Talk About Love: A Journey to the End of Taste). Speaking on behalf of the jury, Pevere praised the Best Book winner George Sprott as “a portrait of a character, of a country…a country that is no longer with us,” adding that:

…Speaking for Wright Awards nominating committee, which chooses the annual Pigskin Peters Award, Matt Forsythe described Hot Potatoe as “a collection of seven years of work that is insulting and hilarious and sarcastic and sincere,” and continued that it has “influenced a whole wave of comics and artists – myself included.”

The IRON MAN 2 guide to fashion and diet

20100505_mickeyrourke_3.jpg With IRON MAN @ blasting out with the widest opening in movie history — it’s sure to take over our lives like a big spreaeding fungus. Looking to it as a guide for life, one can only look to Mickey Rourke , who plays the villain Whiplash, as a fashion icon , as shown on Vulture with a slideshow of his looks over the ages. 20100505_mickeyrourke_8.jpg 201005071236.jpg And as for diet, Gwyneth Paltrow shows us the way to look like she does, with a diet of a tablespoon of chicken for lunch and a halved almond sliver between meals to quash the munchies before tucking in to a hearty dinner of a handful of kale. The diet regime is augmented by 4 hour runs through volcanic rock flats while being chased by a rhino.

Ceci n’est pas Tintin

While some comic companies may be shutting down websites that post their comics illegally, Moulinsart, the company which owns the rights to Hergé’s work, is busy suing people that use excerpts from Tintin adventures in scholarly work, launching personal attacks on journalists, and losing millions of euros a year. The Financial Times article has more, […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits — 5/10/10

§ If you’re wondering wondering what happened to the Pepper-kisses-Iron Man’s-helmet scene from the IRON MAN 2 trailer that was nowhere to be found in the movie, Gavok’s Iron Man 2: The Deleted Scenes has a lot of answers by comparing the novelization of the movie (based on an early version of the screenplay) to the finished version: The most obvious removal is the scene of Pepper kissing Tony’s helmet and throwing it out the aircraft as he tells her, “You complete me!”

…Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t help but think that the combination of that scene would have led to a big wave of racial awkwardness if left unchanged.

…In a comic book store, if you’re focusing primarily on periodical comics, and that’s still a significant portion of everybody’s business, every single week you’re getting somewhere between 60 and 100 comics that aren’t interchangeable the way chocolate ice cream is with another ice cream.

…A few images from the Conan set in Bulgaria have leaked out , and apparently ancient CImmeria has been dressed to look like Camden, New Jersey. 201005100331.jpg § A New Zealand newspaper takes umbrage at the way J.