Gene Colan was not mugged

Yesterday, Clifford Meth, who works as an advocate for many older comics artists, posted that legendary artist Gene Colan had been injured and some of his art was missing: Gene was injured last week and is now being cared for by his son and daughter. In addition, it appears that some of Gene’s artwork has […]

MoCCA 2010 Debuts

Who is where and what are they doing at MoCCA, which takes place this weekend at the Armory on Lexington. I Know Joe Kimpel at MoCCA Festival 2010! Dean Haspiel Nathan Schreiber: I’m debuting Power Out – Book One ($9.99, 84 pages, ISBN 978-0-615-34662-5) at MoCCA this weekend at table E22. I’m publishing it with […]

MoCCA: The Devastator

Okay we don’t mention every kickstarter project we get, but when they have a promo video starring James Urbaniak, you jump to the head of the list. Amanda Meadows writes: Wanna give you heads up about a new comics and humor anthology series called The Devastator. It’s got dudes from The Onion, The Simpsons, Various Comedy Central programs like […]

MoCCA DEBUT: Caboose

Special Beat mention for Caboose, a FREE newspaper comics supplement, created by students and alumni from the Center for Cartoon Studies. A few thousand copies have been printed up and will be given away FREE at this weekend’s MoCCA Fest. Get ’em while they’re hot. Cover art by Max de Radiqués and Chuck Forsman.

MoCCA 2010 party poop

Due to unprecedented response, I am still working on the MoCCA Debuts post, but in the meantime, here is the party poop, I know everyone is waiting for that! FRIDAY At Rocketship: At Desert Island: FRIDAY Friday, April 9th
Triple book-release party for
1) John Brodowski’s
long-awaited “Curio Cabinet”
2) Clara Johansson’s
”Lobster King” 
3) Emelie Östergren’s
”Mr Kenneth” 
Ms Johansson […]

MoCCA 2010 publisher news — UPDATED

Fantagraphics: We have a slew of signings all weekend long as well as a remarkably potent lineup of new books debuting at the show, including: Artichoke Tales by Megan KelsoBest American Comics Criticism, edited by Ben SchwartzBilly Hazenuts and the Crazy Bird by Tony MillionaireCaptain Easy Vol. 1 by Roy CraneDungeon Quest by Joe DalyCulture Corner by Basil WolvertonBlazing Combat s/c by […]

Con Report Part 4: Seven reasons why I'm glad I went to WonderCon

I’ve kept meaning to write a big long post about WonderCon last weekend since…last Sunday night. But a new project, other deadlines, general lethargy, and now incipient MoCCA Madness have prevented me from getting the kind of court time I need for a long post. So here are a few short thoughts before I get totally distracted by the next thing. And yes, I was a guest of the con, and they are an advertiser, so you can take all the following thoughts with a big salt cellar, if you so choose.