Your annual Beat Guide To Winning the Oscar Pool

As we remind you every year, the key to winning the Oscar® pool is correctly selecting the winners in the Best Animated Short, Best Live Action Short and Best Short Documentary categories. Usually a careful examination of which of them deals with any of the following will yield the winners: AIDS, the Holocaust (also Rwanda, […]

Festival Imagé to spotlight French/US comics and animation

From April 16-24, the Alliance Francaise de Washington and the Maryland Institute College of Arts are partnering on Festival Imagé, a series of workshops, screenings and conferences exploring the relationship of bande desinée and animation. Jose Villarubia, Cyril Pedrosa, Domitille Collardey, and Antoine Dodé are among those participating in the presentations — full details and […]

Betsy Gomez joins Image

Image has hired Betsy Gomez as their new PR and Marketing Coordinator . Previous marketing coordinator Joe Keatinge will be staying on as Sales and Licensing Coordinator with increased duties in those areas, while Gomez, a long-time volunteer for the CBLDF, will concentrate on publicity duties. PR in the jump.

Wood limericks via Barta

Artist Hilary Barta has a blog, on which he posts art and writes limericks. This time out, a Wally Wood cover from a 1959 issue of Galaxy magazine. The robot was counting the deckIts memory banks were hi-techIt won ev’ry chipand left me with zipWould it take a personal check?

Marvel Month-to-Month Sales — January 2010

by Paul O’Brien The first month of a new year brings event season again, thanks to SIEGE and FALL OF THE HULKS. There’s also a new Ultimate miniseries, ULTIMATE COMICS ENEMY, and the “Nation X” branding continues in the X-books. But the big release this month is SIEGE. As usual, Marvel were the biggest publisher […]

Housekeeping: Advertising

If you are interested in advertising on The Beat, shoot us an email at heidi dot macdonald at gmail dot com. As you can see, we now have a scary green “YOUR AD HERE” banner in the sidebar — please help us replace that with something people will want to look at! There are other […]