To Do Chicago: Strange Tales Saturday

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Your annual Beat Guide To Winning the Oscar Pool

As we remind you every year, the key to winning the Oscar® pool is correctly selecting the winners in the Best Animated Short, Best Live Action Short and Best Short Documentary categories. Usually a careful examination of which of them deals with any of the following will yield the winners: AIDS, the Holocaust (also Rwanda, […]

Indie Month-to-Month Sales: January 2010

By Matthew Murray Buffy is, again, the top selling indie book this month. Marvel and DC appear to have had quite a small month, as a total of thirty books (21 of them “indie”) made the chart this month with sales that would have seen them below #300 last month. As with last month, I’ve […]

Festival Imagé to spotlight French/US comics and animation

From April 16-24, the Alliance Francaise de Washington and the Maryland Institute College of Arts are partnering on Festival Imagé, a series of workshops, screenings and conferences exploring the relationship of bande desinée and animation. Jose Villarubia, Cyril Pedrosa, Domitille Collardey, and Antoine Dodé are among those participating in the presentations — full details and […]

Betsy Gomez joins Image

Image has hired Betsy Gomez as their new PR and Marketing Coordinator . Previous marketing coordinator Joe Keatinge will be staying on as Sales and Licensing Coordinator with increased duties in those areas, while Gomez, a long-time volunteer for the CBLDF, will concentrate on publicity duties. PR in the jump.

DC Month-to-Month Sales — January 2010

by Marc-Oliver Frisch The sky is falling, in case you hadn’t heard. Well, the ceiling in the direct market seems to be, at any rate, although DC seems less affected by that right now than Marvel. DC starts the new year with numbers that aren’t stellar, but then again, they rarely are in January. And […]

Wood limericks via Barta

Artist Hilary Barta has a blog, on which he posts art and writes limericks. This time out, a Wally Wood cover from a 1959 issue of Galaxy magazine. The robot was counting the deckIts memory banks were hi-techIt won ev’ry chipand left me with zipWould it take a personal check?

Journey into Mystery

We’re on the road today with no reliable internet access, so no posting on all the exciting news, like Rob Liefeld’s exclusive comics for Comixology and so on. BUT we will have the DC Month to Month sales along shortly and that should keep you busy for a while.

Marvel Month-to-Month Sales — January 2010

by Paul O’Brien The first month of a new year brings event season again, thanks to SIEGE and FALL OF THE HULKS. There’s also a new Ultimate miniseries, ULTIMATE COMICS ENEMY, and the “Nation X” branding continues in the X-books. But the big release this month is SIEGE. As usual, Marvel were the biggest publisher […]

Housekeeping: Advertising

If you are interested in advertising on The Beat, shoot us an email at heidi dot macdonald at gmail dot com. As you can see, we now have a scary green “YOUR AD HERE” banner in the sidebar — please help us replace that with something people will want to look at! There are other […]

Must read: Handley’s attorney comments

The Comics Journal has run a statement from Eric A Chase, attorney for Christopher Handley, the Iowa man who pled guilty to “possessing drawings of children being sexually abused.” The statement lays out the reasons why defending Handley in court would have been difficult, but also the absurdity of the crime: Chris, like most everyone […]

Marvel’s women star in HERALDS

G4 broke the news that Kathryn Immonen and Tonci Zonjic will collaborate on HERALDS, the “Marvel Women” event that there’s been some rumbling about. She-Hulk, Emma Frost Valkyrie, Hellcat, Agent Brand, and Monica Rambeau will get involved in a weekly five-issue mini dealing with a long lost herald of Galactus. Here’s the segment. Video Game […]

To Do: GIRL COMICS signing at Hanley’s

Via: Stephanie Buscema, Valerie D’Orazio, and Nikki Cook, and editors Jeanine Schaefer, Lauren Sankovitch, Rachel Pinnelas, and Sana Amanat will sign from 6:00 to 8:00 pm at Jim Hanley’s Universe. Speaking of GIRL COMICS, there’s a lengthy piece in USA Today quoting many folks involved in the anthology. Although it does perpetuate a little bit […]

A cat that cooks ramen, and a boy and his gorilla

A couple of publishing announcements that caught our eye the other day. • Tokyopop will publish Kenji Sonishi’s NekoRamen. a manga about a cat who cooks ramen. SOLD. Via Johanna, who has a rundown of the busy marketing campaign, which includes weekly online comics. • Slave Labor has announced CAPTAIN LONG EARS, the debut graphic […]


Jeremy Bastian’s CURSED PIRATE GIRL is one of those comics in periodical format that in an earlier era probably would have gotten a great deal of support as an independent project by a talented cartoonist with a distinctive vision, kinda steampunk, kinda old school illustration. However, in a day and age inhospitable to the serial […]

Lost Episode 6×06 — The Bad Sayid

Well, well. Things are really happening. While we’re waiting for Mark Coale’s official write-up, here are a few of our own quick observations. SPOILERS BELOW THE BREAK!!