Let’s all talk about Sales Charts

Various talk about various charts and actual figures. You know the drill. Brian Wood posts his actual sales figures for some of his graphic novels in this Standard Attrition thread: Aug 4th: Northlanders Vol 2 is released, with direct market orders of: 4,287 copies. Sep 30th: My royalty sheet is tallied up and the total […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits — between holidays edition

§ Via Rich Johnston, a heartbreaking story with photos of a man’s life’s work left out in the rain on the street. Angoulême co-founder Claude Moliterni died last year, and apparently his possessions were given to a used book dealer who took the good stuff and left the rest out on the garbage. Sickening. § […]

News rumbles: Keenspot, Blackest Night, Haven

While we’re gearing up for a few end of year posts here, pointers to news items that are making a few ripples in the quietest week of the year. Of course as soon as we say that, Universal will buy Dark Horse. § Pioneering webcomics portal Keenspot is radically changing its business model; Gary Tyrrell […]

Happy 87th birthday, Stan Lee

The Man Abides. He also twitters, and if you are following Smilinstanlee, you can only marvel (yes) at how a man approaching his 10th decade can be such a master of the social networking. Although Stan will forever be a controversial figure, his longevity and adaptability — at an age when most people are marking […]


As posted by Forbidden Planet International, oldies by goodies, Ryan Dunlavey’s Superhero/Seuss mash-ups. More good stuff here.

Holiday Reading: The Last Lonely Saturday

Maybe a little sad for the holidays, but the sentiment is pure and clear. BTW, Jordan Crane’s lovely little tone poem is available as part of What Things Do, a new online comics archive by Crane, Ted May, and Sammy Harkham. Lots and LOTS of reading for those who poke around a bit.

The Complete Comics Alliance 12 Days of Christmas

While we were celebrating 18 days of Christmas, (and wished we could do the ACTUAL 12 days of Christmas, which count down to Epiphany on January 6th) Comics Alliance ran a striking series of illos as interpreted by Periscope Studios members. Enjoy Steve Lieber’s Seven Bella Swans a’ Swimming above, or the whole megillah in […]