Shamus invades New England!

Gareb Shamus has purchased another convention, the New England Con in Boston. According to the PR, it’s a 35-year-old show run by Larry Harrison, owner of Harrison’s Comics & Collectibles, and Jimmy Tournas and dates will be announced. Given Shamus’s recent track record of aggressive competition with existing shows, it would seem the move to […]

FLIGHT Volume One — where are they now

Speaking of Kazu Kibuishi, he has a nice post up examining what the contributors to the anthology FLIGHT #1 have done in the five years since it came out. At the time, the fresh new cartoonists within were hailed as a new force in the industry — and they have mostly gone on to very […]

Random universe, random links — 11-20-09

§ Tucker Stone is at it again. § Is someone making a book of Stan Lee’s tweets? They should. The reason I always say “good night” is I don’t want you staying up for hours denying yourself sleep, desperately waiting for my next tweet § Jog examines the ORIGINAL Astro Boy. § Cartoonist Berkeley Breathed […]

What’s sauce for the goose…

At Fourth Letter, Esther Inglis-Arkell becomes enraged by female comics characters who stand around and explain why they wear skimpy costumes. And I heard the justification about how Canary’s outfit was in tribute to her mother, even when that means she’s in panties and a jacket in the First Wave books. And I’ve heard the […]