Roddy Piper is alive and not dying yet

Wrestling legend and very early Beat crush Roddy Piper is not dead — although it was erroneously reported by some news sources this morning when someone with a similar name passed away. It was also reported that he had been diagnosed with terminal cancer, but that has also been retracted. Piper, 55, who was diagnosed […]

More on the SDCC Preview Night sellout — correction

It is surreal to be writing stories about San Diego Comic-Con selling out in October. But that is the reality we live in. We asked SDCC PR and marketing director David Glanzer a bit more about yesterday’s announcement that passes to Preview Night had sold out: Q: What’s behind this shockingly early sell-out? Were fewer […]

Hours of fun: The comics that seduced the innocent

To commemorate last week’s Banned Books Week, Stephen St Walley tracks down all the comics mentioned in Wertham’s Seduction of the Innocent and adds links to downloadable versions. Obviously, many of the below comics are not intended for children. While all of them were probably read by children, they were not necessarily the intended audience […]

Link of the day: Brian Heater’s Harvey Pekar weekend

§ If all profiles/travelogues were as good as Brian Heater’s account of a trip to Cleveland for Harvey Pekar’s 70th birthday, people wouldn’t wonder about the state of comics journalism. In five days, Harvey Pekar will turn 70, a fact commemorated by the cake in the center of the room, shaped like a giant doughnut, […]

Jumbo Kibbles ‘n Bits

We’ve had some computer woes which slowed the flow here, so this is an extra huge catchup K’n’B installment: § The final part of an interview with Naoki Urasawa! Q: It’s true that the face of your Astro Boy seems to have a sadness about it. It’s raining in the first scene he appears in… […]

Giant Gigantor strikes terrorizing pose

O Japan, you so crazy. Now they are building life size models of the giant robots, Gizmodo reports. This Gigantor stands 60 feet tall and weighs 50 tons. Many more awe-inspiring pics in the link.

A sneak peek at Grant Morrison’s JOE THE BARBARIAN

The Vertigo blog offers some art from JOE THE BARBARIAN by Grant Morrison and Sean Murphy and announces the miniseries has been expanded to eight issues. Morrison describes the story as “Home Alone meets Lord of the Rings.” We’re pretty sure Jeff Robinov likes that.

A question for the publicists out there

When you are preparing your books to go out to reviewers, do you say “The review copies are going out today” or “The complimentary copies are going out today”? Just wondering.