Tonight To Do: Cartoon Brooklyn V at Rocketship

We’re staying home for the next three years, but you should go!

Kibbles 'n' Bits — July 31, 2009

§ Wondering about WILSON, the new Dan Clowes GN? Well, here’s a little more info from The New Yorker, courtesy of the D&Q blog. § We SWEAR only one more day of San Diego links, unless it’s pants-peeing awesome. But, if like us, you are just now getting back to consistent internet access and want […]

Howard Cruse's From Headrack to Claude

Underground pioneer Howard Cruse has just published a collection of his gay-themed comics, called From Headrack to Claude. It includes such things as “Gravy on Gay”, his never before reprinted first story from BAREFOOTZ #2. Ordering details in the link.

More on Travel Planners

Just before CCI San Diego kicked off, we reported on a possible security breach at Travel Planners, the company that handles hotel bookings for Comic-Con. Although TP denied the problem, there is quite a bit of anecdotal evidence that suggests that credit cards that were used to book rooms in 2008 may have been hacked, […]

Shatner + Palin + Beatnik jazz poetry + Twitter

If this is dumb, I don’t want to be smart.

Wanna buy a blog?

Never a dull moment, as Publishers Weekly has gone up for sale: Reed Business Information is putting Publishers Weekly and its affiliated publications, Library Journal and School Library Journal, up for sale. The sale of the group is part of RBI’s strategy to divest most of its trade magazines in the U.S. Last year, Reed […]

Dash Shaw looks at Groundwork of Evangelion

Today’s must read: BODY WORLD’s Dash Shaw joins the Comics Comics blog and in his first outing examinesGroundwork of Evangelion: 1.0 , a sketchbook for an upcoming anime. He finds it a treasure trove of semiotic information: They’re marked with little notes that I don’t understand. All of the Japanese I once knew is gone, […]

The ACT-i-VATE Primer

Announcing: ACT-I-VATE is proud to announce THE ACT-I-VATE PRIMER. 16 original stories by the premier webcomix collective, ACT-I-VATE, with a foreward by Warren Ellis, coming this October from IDW Publishing. With its roster of renowned creators serializing webcomix for free since 2006, ACT-I-VATE, has reached a comicbook critical mass. Now this funnybook big bang has […]

SD09: PopCult party pics

Jeff Newelt was nice enough to pass along some photos from SD09’s PopCult party, which he helped organize, and I’m nice enough to post ’em so here goes: Paul Pope makes his DJ debut at Comic-Con Pop Cult / Devil’s Due’s Josh Blaylock and Pop Cult / Kingdom Comic’s Christian Beranek Jim Mahfood rocking the […]

SD09: The tent gets smaller?

§ We’re tragically one plane ride away from the time to finish our own convention rant, so until then, here’s the new most linked to post about the con, courtesy of recently promoted all-around comics genius Eric Reynolds: Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all doom and gloom by any means; we did well despite […]

SD 09: Comfortably Numb

Some views and voices…we’re only gonna do this for a few days, don’t worry. We’ll be back at SBM on Friday am. § Brian Heater got to interview everyone from The Mighty Boosh to Seth to Stan Lee: He’s genuinely funny and warm during our interview, and while he doesn’t seem to precisely grasp the […]

More on the return of Girlamatic

Brigid Alverson talks to the new Girlamatic editor Diana McQueen

Comic-Con's culture clash

Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether an internet feud is just an excuse to type or lot or a manifestation of an actual conflict. We’d kind of decided that the Con-vs-Twlight feud was halfway a work, but on the floor we heard enough anecdotal evidence and passing references to decide that the Twilighters are, in […]

Abhay Khosla's Dracula

As only he can do it…

Jimmy Fallon as THE RECHARGER

We would plug in to this idea! Call us nuts.

SD09: Wha' hoppen?

Okay, a very brief linkage of some of the points of interest we saw during yesterday’s recovery time: § Douglas Wolk reviewed >ASTERIOS POLYP for the NY Times, in a review Scott McCloud deemed “insightful.” § This Booth Babe business is pretty annoying. § Here’s that letter by Chuck Rozanski everyone is talking about. § […]