Marvel Month-to-Month Sales: April 2009

By Paul O’Brien It’s Wolverine month at Marvel! To tie in with the film, we have a new ongoing Wolverine title, and a whole bunch of Wolverine variant covers. Elsewhere, the Dark Reign books continue, MARVEL ZOMBIES and DARK TOWER are back with new miniseries, and there’s the first issue of FANTASTIC FORCE, the abortive […]

More MoCCA on way

With all of today’s news, we ran out of time to finish up our MoCCA party poop for Saturday and Sunday, AND MoCCA debuts, but those are still dribbling in anyway. We’ll have all the rest bright and early tomorrow, so PLEASE check in.

Yojimbo by Pope

After all that doom and gloom, here’s a new Yojimbo print by Paul Pope, based on the Kurosawa/Mifune classic. And here’s how to order it AND a special T-shirt.

Nickelodeon Magazine folds

The Beat has confirmed an LA Times report that Nickelodeon Magazine, the last studio kids magazine, has been canceled: Viacom is shutting down Nickelodeon Magazine this week and will lay off about 30 staffers. Launched in 1993, the magazine, with a circulation of more than 1 million and a total audience of more than 6 […]

More Geppi money woes

The Baltimore City Paper has news of another debt against Diamond owner Steve Geppi,, this time a $600K loan from Camden National Bank in Maine, used for a controversial land purchase in Maine. This debt is related to a previously reported $16 million debt to PNC bank, which, according to a story in the Bangor […]

Marvel’s REBORN births more questions

The news which we reported on Monday, that Marvel would allow a much later than normal final order cutoff for REBORN #1 to be able to take advantage of hoped-for media coverage, drew a follow-up post from Brian Hibbs analyzing what could drive readers into stores, but for his store, Marvel’s actions still come up […]

Brigid Alverson comes out swinging

New Robot 6 webcomics columnist Brigid Alverson wastes no time in telling it like it is: Eight pages should be enough space to establish the setting, introduce one or more characters that are worth caring about, give some sense of what the comic is about, and get the story rolling. This is obviously most critical […]

RIP David Carradine

The 72-year old star was found dead in a hotel room in Bangkok where he was filming his latest film. The son of great character actor John Carradine, and brother of Robert and Keith, David Carradine was best known for his roles in the TV show Kung Fu and film Kill Bill. The prolific actor […]